Flipping the educational model for the 21st century

Education for impact ® by Lamjed Bettaieb, Deputy General Manager of Esprit Group

The standard model of learning still dominant across the world today was developed largely in response to the needs of the First and Second Industrial Revolutions, which required process-oriented employees to complete repetitive tasks.

Today’s world of work, however, requires very different skills. The Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions introduced automated production and intangible value, and these new drivers of growth have resulted in huge shifts in the ways in which people work.

Equipping the World’s Largest Youth Demographic with Future-Proof Medical Training

by Houbeb Ajmi, Regional CEO, Honoris United Universities

As we approach the end of 2020, a year with unforeseen global health challenges, international commentators are often asking, how did Africa retain its innate resilience in the fight against COVID-19? Despite under-staffed and under-resourced healthcare systems across the continent, the data shows a promising outlook in how countries reacted to and contained the virus. But this by no means should be taken for granted.

The Future Of Education: Disrupting and Rethinking Education

Education for impact ® by Honoris Staff Writer

The relentless pace of technological advancement in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is leaving almost every aspect of life transformed. How we learn and teach is being disrupted. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this change, with educational institutions around the world opening up to new possibilities and modes of instruction and adopting cutting-edge technologies to ensure students reach their full potential.

United with Resilience and Dedication

Education for impact ®

Honoris United Universities’ two primary mandates for the Covid-19 pandemic are to ensure that studies continue despite the upheaval, and to care for our students and staff and faculty through the crisis. Our CEO, Luis Lopez offers his thoughts on navigating the challenges, and offers thanks to students across the continent for their resilience and dedication.

United with purpose & resilience

Education for impact ®

Honoris United Universities has been upholding two primary mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic: People Care and Continuation of Studies. Throughout the continent, our faculty and staff, our students and our communities have brought these mandates to life, responding to the accelerating health crisis with care and with urgency. Our CEO, Luis Lopez, offers his thoughts on navigating the crisis.

Raising the sciences in africa

In July, Honoris signed an agreement with The Council and Foundation for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings that will allow a delegation of the brightest African researchers in economics and the natural sciences to attend the prestigious annual gatherings held in Germany. The meetings offer delegates exposure to more than 50 of the most brilliant minds on the planet, all Nobel Laureates, as well as hundreds of other outstanding young scientists from 89 countries.