RedHUB – REGENT Enterprise Development Hub

About RedHub (South Africa)

The REGENT Enterprise Development Hub (redHUB) is a specialised unit of REGENT Business School in South Africa, providing training, mentoring and incubation services to start-up entrepreneurial ventures. RedHUB has leveraged the institutions’ iLeadLAB and harnessed its academic, research and outreach intellectual property to champion entrepreneurial development.

Besides infusing and empowering the home-grown grassroots level entrepreneur by breathing life into his or her ideas, the redHUB provides a technology focused new venture creation through a variety of interventions with appropriate partners.


The redHUB’s mission is to provide impactful education, training and mentorship for aspirant and creative entrepreneurs by nurturing their disruptive and innovative skills using resilient and anti-fragile strategies.

Main components


Entrepreneurship development


Promoting enterprise development among unemployed persons




Accessing new markets for SMMEs


Building collaborative networks for businesses

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