Word from CEO

Honoris has an extraordinary pan-African education model that is transforming learners across the continent now and into the future through the focus on Education for Impact.

At Honoris United Universities, we believe in Africa’s future and in its potential for human and economic development. Africa is a continent whose main wealth is its human and natural diversity.

Honoris United Universities aims to support the aspirations of new generations of leaders and professionals. Throughout our member institutions, we are committed to achievement with the purpose of having the best-prepared graduates able to succeed in a changing world.

We believe that our communities of culturally agile students and graduates will help develop Africa in preparation for the regional and global challenges of our planet.

We foster learning to contribute to building winning societies and economies. We seek to support and enable creative and responsible citizens capable of “leapfrogging” obstacles to achieve economic growth and stability for their communities.

We believe in full mobility, in enabling a mobile mindset, ready for regional and international employability and participation.

We believe in collaborative intelligence – it is at the heart of our vision of higher education. It brings together the knowledge and practices of our diversity to educate “nation builders”.

We believe these key values – collaborative intelligence, mobility, and agility – unite us in purpose: securing the futures of our students, their families and communities. We believe in rooting these aspirations in academic and personal skill sets for success.

At Honoris United Universities, we Educate for Impact.

Jonathan Louw
Chief Executive Officer