Global Code of Conduct

As members of Honoris United Universities, we stand by our values and our commitment to our students, the communities where we operate, and the countries we serve. We Educate for Impact®. We believe that the work we do every day contributes to the success of each and every one of our students, and by extension, we bring economic prosperity and success to their families and communities.

Operating with solid principles and values is the foundation of our organization and of every university in our network. Honoris aims to ensure that best practices are implemented in all academic and business aspects of our operations.

The way we conduct ourselves is essential to our continued success and our standing with various stakeholders. It is critical that we maintain our impeccable reputation among students as the partners where they can bring their educational and career dreams to life, among colleagues as a great place to work, and among our communities and regulators as an organization that is committed to making a positive impact in society.

Honoris’ Global Code of Conduct should be followed by everyone across all roles, levels and locations: full- and parttime colleagues, faculty, officers, directors and anyone else engaged in our work environment or acting on behalf of Honoris. Clarifying this latter point, we strive to work with third parties that share the same values and commitment to ethics and compliance and we expect them to operate consistently with our Code.

Complying with international and local regulations is the beginning. All of us, regardless of our level or role, are responsible for acting with the utmost personal and professional integrity every day. Because we place such a high priority on our ethical conduct, it’s important that each of us:

  • Read and become familiar with this Code and apply it to our job and areas of responsibility.
  • Use the Code to learn how we can ask for advice or get answers to questions about our policies and expectations.

Ethics For Impact is a pledge that unites our pan-African community.

Jonathan Louw
CEO Honoris United Universities

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