About SmartiLab

Established by EMSI in 2015, SMARTiLab is a research, development, and innovation laboratory with areas of specialisation including embedded computing, information systems, data analysis, materials, artificial intelligence, connected objects (IoT), energy, mechanics, networks, and systems.

The laboratory is not only a place to create solutions to socio-economic challenges but a platform for the development of high-level research. As such, SMARTiLab is tasked with increasing the visibility of scientific research produced by the school, developing unifying projects with Moroccan and international industries, integrating, and involving talented students in research and development and innovation projects; and producing patents of invention.

SmartiLab offers several services, products, and applications to its customers.


SmartiLab provides several services for the study and development of a product, technical support and the Traineeship.


Do you have a project to develop ? Should they respond to standard specifications or unique ?


The SMARTiLab has, for its own, several technological platforms combining digital calculus and Micro manufacturing to the experimental characterization.


Our RDI is composed of technology experts in the design and development of Micro Electronics, Micro Energy Harvesting products and Smart Grids solutions.


SmartiLab offers a complete range of inventions for a better life. This commitment also fuels our ambition to be recognized as a socially responsible laboratory capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Topics covered

The SMARTiLab team of professors, scientists, academics, and doctors have a vast portfolio of expertise in topics as varied as energy efficient construction, solutions for nonlinear elliptic problems, biomedicine and biosciences, spectral-classification energy optimisation, hybrid energy production systems and many more subjects. The application of research in creating prototypes has seen many projects lead to full implementation, including open source data platforms for citizens, the ‘Wind Energy Project’, SMARTyPARK, AquaSMART, Senstenna and many more.

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Awards & distinctions

Over the years, SmartiLab has gained international recognition, winning awards and medals, including the Gold Medal at iCAN’2019 Toronto, Canada, the Gold Medal at the ITE’2019 Innovation Show, London, a gold, two silvers and a bronze medal at the Istanbul International Fair and a special innovation award at IFIA, iCAN’2020 Innovation Fair, Toronto, Canada.


The intelligent parking solution Smartypark team: Hafid Griguer | Marwane Rhouni | Youssef Aiboud | Mbarek EL Missaoui | Myriem Hnini | Reghay Ahmed

At SMARTiLab, technological innovation and scientific research are at the service of the development of a world where it is good to live, alone and in community.
In cities that are increasingly connected and congested, implementing a smart and efficient city management policy is a crucial step to take. Moreover, according to the recommendations of major companies dealing with smart cities, the issue of transport and mobility is a key criterion.
In this context, SMARTiLab has raised the issue of urban parking as a major challenge facing any smart city.

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