Management Team

Honoris operates with a decentralised model. There are no prescriptive governance requirements of the 14 institutions (i.e., how they construct their governance structures/membership/invitees and attendees etc) however there is a requirement for compliance with the Delegation of Authority and Honoris’ Code of Conduct. Engagement with leadership of the 14 institutions is regular.

Jonathan Louw

Group Chief Executive Officer,
Based in South Africa

Field Leadership

Houbeb Ajmi

Managing Director of the Université Centrale Group, Tunisia

Lamjed Bettaieb

Deputy General Manager of ESPRIT Group, Tunisia

Hassan Filali

CEO of Honoris United Universities, Morocco

Mohamed Goga

Managing Director of MANCOSA, South Africa

Tahar Ben Lakhdar

CEO of ESPRIT, School of Engineering, Tunisia

Prof. Reshad Jaumally

Director Of Honoris Educational Network, Mauritius

Dr Ahmed Shaikh

Managing Director of Regent Business School, South Africa

John Vermaaten

Pro-Chancellor of Nile University Of Nigeria

Functional Leadership / HoldCo

Laura Kakon

Group Chief Growth and Strategy Officer,
Based in: Morocco

Jose Peran

Group Chief Business Development Officer,
Based in: Spain/France

Luis Ramirez-Alonso

Group Chief Human Resources Officer,
Based in: US/Spain

Oussama Trabelsi

Group Chief Financial Officer,
Based in: Tunisia

Digital Division

Melindi Britz

Managing Director, Honoris Digital Division,
Based in: UK