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Actis is sustaining the development of the private higher education network Honoris United Universities across Africa and emerging markets.

Actis is a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure.

Actis deliver competitive returns for institutional investors and measurable positive impact for countries, cities, and communities in which we operate. Their global experience, operational know-how and strong culture allow us to create global sustainability leaders. Actis do it at scale. And have been doing so for decades. Since inception, they have raised US $24 billion to invest in a better tomorrow.

Actis invest behind global themes, unlocking opportunities wherever they find them, with a focus on Energy Infrastructure, Long Life Infrastructure, Digital Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Equity.


Actis and Education

For families across growth markets, the best investment they can make is in their children’s education, as employers pay premiums for qualified, skilled employees and students seek higher paid jobs. Actis has invested into this trend across Asia, Latin America and Africa.
Actis established Honoris United Universities in 2017 to arm the next generation of leaders and professionals with the right values and skills demanded by tomorrow’s employers.
Through 70 years in growth markets Actis has seen that better education will contribute to rising incomes and employment opportunities. This in turn fuels the middle class expansion and consumption in these markets.

A better educated workforce will boost the countries’ competitiveness attracting investments and macroeconomic growth. Higher education standards are also vital to emerging countries as the economies are shifting towards more value-added sectors.
Actis has invested over US$ 0,5bn in the education sector in China, Brazil and across Africa. Actis believes access to quality education is integral to developing the next generation of leaders capable of positively impacting tomorrow’s societies and economies.





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