Medical Simulation Center

The partnership between IMSET Tunis and SWISSCONTACT is based on a service contract with the commitments of the two parties to ensure the establishment of the educational training company EEP, named “Entreprise d’Entraînement” which meets the requirements of the specifications of REET, Tunisian network approved by HELVARTIS the Swiss network of EEs.

The training company of IMSET Tunis has 12 positions (HR, IT, accounting, finance, 3 sales, 3 purchases, logistics and marketing) and is accessible to learners with bac +2 level or equivalent BTS level.

The learners or temporary collaborators in CTP improvement will have to spend a period of 335 hours as manager with a work contract, a job description and a target contract with technical and especially social objectives. following the evaluation interviews, the improved objectives will be included in the certification, which is only given if the CTP meets the certification conditions.

The Certificate of training or professional development benefits of a Tunisian-Swiss label, embodied by the partner institutions (through affixing of the logos) aiming to obtain recognition in terms of credibility and notoriety on the workforce market.