Founding Partners

Professor Yusuf Karodia

Founder of MANCOSA (Management College of Southern Africa) and REGENT Business School, Southern Africa

Our dynamic economies require business leadership skills across national boundaries that reflect many cultures and interests. We deliberately structure our programmes to assure a vibrant mix of students representing diverse cultures, industries and geographic regions. This stimulating melting pot of backgrounds, cultures, career interests and business responsibilities will allow for unique learning and networking opportunities. The shared values of collaborative intelligence, cultural agility and a mobile mindset unite us to the other member institutions of Honoris United Universities.

M. Lotfi El Eulj

Founder of Université Mundiapolis, Morocco

Regional and international mobility is at the heart of Mundiapolis and we ambition to push even more our positioning through supporting our students for professional integration in several African countries. Thanks to Honoris United Universities Pan-African vision, we can join forces with other institutions from Casablanca to Cape Town, from Tunis to Abuja, to prepare graduates that will be the most in-demand leaders and professionals, able to understand Africa’s challenges in a globalized world.

Dr. Bargach El Fatimi, Dr. Jawad Khayat, Dr. Kamal Daissaoui and Mr. Zouhair Benabbou

Co-Founders of EMSI, Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur, Morocco

Honoris United Universities was established from a vision based on international collaboration and the importance of human development to meet the needs of our emerging economies. The network unites our forces, to qualify students and to promote mobility in a dynamic Africa, while evolving towards a multi-polar African system where our network is called to position itself as a lever of growth and progress.

Slah et Chédia Ben Turkia

Co-Founders of Université Centrale Group, IMSET and Académie d’Art de Carthage, Tunisia

Actis has an in-depth understanding of the education sector and is a specialist in emerging markets. Its experience in investing in education in Asia and Latin America will help the next phase of growth of the Université Centrale Group. We have always cherished the dream of uniting ourselves with other institutions in order to develop the quality of education and its relevance to the human resources needs on the continent. Honoris United Universities network is the achievement of our Pan-African vision.