Université Mundiapolis


Université Mundiapolis opened the first private mutidisciplinary campus in Casablanca, Morocco, at the heart of the Casablanca Aéropole Aeronautics & Industrial Park. Born from the merger of several pioneer schools in their domains, Mundiapolis is a private University that boasts overs 26 years of experience in private higher education, and it has built itself around 4 fundamental values: Academic Excellence, Innovative Pedagogy, Entrepreneurial Culture and Internationalization of our students through rich extracurricular activities and international mobility.

Université Mundiapolis has been continuously endeavoring to strengthen its excellence model centered around student empowerment.

Université Mundiapolis comprises 5 teaching poles: A Health Sciences College, a School of Engineering, a Business School, an Institute of Law, Political, and Social Sciences, and a Center for Executive Education, or over 28 state-accredited majors, 6 dual degrees with international partners, and 10 degree programs in continuing education including 1 DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration).

Mundiapolis counts over 6,000 alumni and relies on a network of world-renowned partners and companies that are engaged to facilitate students’ internships and their professional integration. Since April 2016, Mundiapolis has joined Honoris United Universities to develop its model in Africa in a collaborative intelligence paradigm.

Since its creation, Mundiapolis University has been continuously innovating, designing and offering programs that meet the socio-economic needs of Morocco and its region in a globalized context and adopting the European LMD standards (Licence / Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)

Initial Training: 21 recognized degrees

Health Sciences College:

License’s degree
  • Speech therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychomotricity
  • General Psychology
  • Nursing Sciences
Master’s degree
  • Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Sport Physiotherapy

Engineering Cycle (5 years)

With Integrated preparatory classes
  • Industrial engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Aeronautics engineering
License’s degree
  • Aeronautical Logistics Engineering
  • Applied Computer Science
Master’s degree
  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Doctorate in Science, Technology, Engineering & Sustainable Development (3years)

Institute of Law, Political and Social Sciences:

License’s degree
  • Business Law;
  • International Relations and Political Sciences.
Master’s degree
  • International Relations & Diplomacy;
  • Business Law

School of Business:

License’s degree in Business Management
  • Communication & Digital Marketing
  • Accounting, Finance
  • Trade & Business Development
  • Management & Business Administration
Master’s degree
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing;
  • Accounting, Control and Audit
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain Management

Executive Training: 10 degree programs during night and weekend classes at the level of professional bachelors, Master and DBA, with majors in Business Management, CCA, Digital Marketing, Human Ressources, Logistics, Data Science & Artifcial Intelligence, Global Health Management and DBA .

Mundiapolis University has been endeavoring to continuously strengthen its excellence model centered around student empowerment.

  • 4th place in the final of the NXP Cup (2022)
  • 1st place in the competition Business Game “Attijari Startup Game” of Attijariwafa Bank (2022)
  • 3rd prize-Project SOLARDECAHTLON (2019)
  • 2nd prize of the 2nd edition of the National Triathlon in Marrakech (2018)
  • 3rd place in the final of the NXP Cup EMEA (2018)

The reasons you should join Munidapolis: for the academic excellence, the support for employability, the international opening, successful professional integration and the rich student life.

Quality of training
  • 5 academic units: A Health Sciences College, a School of Engineering, a Business School, an Institute of Law, Political, and Social Sciences, and a Center for Executive Education.
  • Over 6,000 alumni
  • 2 campuses in Casablanca
  • 1 research laboratory (ICT4DEV) dedicated to the use of information technology for development
  • A leading private multi-disciplinary university & the unique private university in the center of Casablanca
  • Student centric pedagogical approach that encourages “learning by doing” through “project-based learning” and an entrepreneurial culture from 1st year “soft skills development”
  • Diplomas recognized as equivalent to public schools’ diplomas
International opening
  • 6 international academic partnerships
  • Large community of international students (14 nationalities)
Professional integration
  • The Career Center accompanies students from their first year at the university until after the end of their studies in order to prepare them and facilitate their integration into the job market.
  • +30 Employers’ partnership

Mundiapolis University has 2 campuses in Casablanca at the level of international standards.

Residential Campus :
  • Conference center with 380 seats
  • 2190m2 covered sports hall
  • A semi-olympic swimming pool
  • Library mundiatheque of 600m2
  • 7 computer and engineering laboratories
City campus :
  • 3 Health laboratories
  • 1 Computer laboratory
  • Career center
  • Seminar room
  • Students’ space/hall
  • Library

Location Morocco
Founded in 1996
Number of campuses 2
Joined in 2017

Phone: +212 5 29 01 37 07