iTeach Lab

The vision of the iTeach Lab is to foster professional development, critical thinking skills, innovation and creativity of those specialising in the field of education. The iTeach Lab serves as an innovative hub for educators in training, qualified educators, education government officials, concerned community members and those affiliated with MANCOSA School of Education.

MANCOSA’s School of Education, and has four broad objectives which it aims to achieve through the iTeach LAB, namely:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Discover Mancosa iTeachLab

The MANCOSA iTeach LAB seeks to ensure that MANCOSA educator graduates are globally recognised for their professional skills, able to teach across diverse school contexts, be resourceful and able to utilise technology for teaching and learning. In the 21st Century, students require a learning environment which will enable them to develop such skills in conjunction with the development of other personal characteristics such as leadership, ethics and mindfulness. The iTeach LAB aims to go beyond marginal change towards a system of complete disruption of the ways in which students learn different topics and skills outside of the traditional classroom. The iTeach LAB aims to develop these four main objectives in students through a variety of different learning spaces otherwise known as “HUBS”.

Why have an iTeach Lab?

The MANCOSA iTeach LAB visualises learning beyond the four walls of the classroom as it focuses on dramatic transformation from the traditional classroom environment. It conceptualises the abilities for change through the use of technology and the implementation and design of modernised curricula that fosters the nuances amongst students. The iTeach LAB recognises that cognitive abilities on its own, is insufficient for impact on education, however, together with cutting edge technologies; the two are catalysts for innovation in education.

In the design and setup of the iTeach Lab, we want to provide educators in training with the resources that will increase the demand for MANCOSA (educator) graduates, internationally. In order to do so, we require resources that are on par with world renowned education facilities. By exposing our students to high tech equipment and programmes, we will in turn be producing educators who are prepared for the modern learner and who will then reinforce technological development and forward thinking in African schools.

The iTeach Lab will create a space for educators in training to explore other ways of delivering lessons and therefore allowing learners to develop a modern way of thinking.

Ability of educators to be able to enhance learning in schools for all learners at all abilities. Modern educators need to ensure that lessons are tailor made for the individual child in the classroom and at his or her own cognitive level. The MANCOSA educator must understand that there is a new audience and that the education sector must adapt and adopt new models in order to cater for the needs of this audience.

MANCOSA iTeach LAB Objectives

Provide MANCOSA educator graduates with lifetime access to iTeach LAB facility and support:

  • Provide educators, department officials, school administrators with an opportunity to upskill
  • Present pre-service and in-service teachers with technological resources to improve teaching and learning
  • Encourage pre-service educators to seek innovative and creative ways of developing teaching resources
  • Support all educators in their pursuit to make teaching and learning fun
  • Offer in-service educators mentorship and professional support through various SACE accredited courses.
iTeach Lab Hubs

The Cultural Hub

The cultural hub aims to recognise and celebrate cultural diversity. It seeks to empower students to understand the beliefs, customs, religions and languages of diverse cultures in South Africa.

The Amphitheatre Hub

The Amphitheatre aims to develop students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The hub seeks to facilitate collaboration, inspire entrepreneurship and promote literacy at many levels.

The Science Hub

The science hub is a hi-tech lab that incorporates Biology, Chemistry and Physical Sciences. The science lab aims to engage teachers in exciting STEAM projects through discovery learning and inquiry-based dialogue.

The Robotics and Coding Hub

The hub seeks to train students for the new robotics and coding curriculum in South Africa. It aims to build creative and innovative thinkers that can solve problems with ease.

The Maker Space Hub

The hub provides a platform for educators and learners to be innovative and use their critical thinking skills to design solutions to real-life problems using 4IR technologies and recyclable materials.

The Leadership Hub

Well-run schools produce better results and this efficiency reflects on the quality of the principal. The hub seeks to cultivate strong leadership and management skills through courses, masterclasses and boot camps.

The Mathematics Hub

The hub aims to expose mathematics teachers to 21st-century skills that conceptualise teaching methodologies through 4IR technology advances. It will enable students and teachers the tools to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve real-world problems.