A Shared Vision

The founders of member institutions of Honoris United Universities are pioneers in their countries and visionaries of private higher education in the continent.

Aware of the vital need for their communities to develop human capital, they have each worked for decades to build unique and demanded academic models with the dual objectives of developing the employability and the life skills of their graduates.

On the strength of these shared values and common history, Actis undertook to have them join forces to build the first Pan-African private higher education network. The founders are characterized by a clear share purpose: creating pan-regional profile graduates with cross-border academic and work experience to be competitive in today’s fast-paced and demanding labor markets.

“Our vision is to create a differentiated and innovative education system for students so they can genuinely learn from other African countries and be able to present themselves to a future employer as someone who is educated to the best international standards but also understands the true diversity of Africa. Actis and the founders realized it was incumbent on us to be the catalyst to bring universities across the African continent together and so the vision of Honoris United Universities was born.”

Rick Phillips, Partner: Head of Private Equity, Actis