Honoris Online Academy

Responding to the needs for graduates to be equipped with the skills that matter for the new world of work, Honoris created its digital platform, the Honoris Online Academy, to support the transformation of the next generation of world-class African human talent.

Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate, first signature program

The first output of this collaborative approach uniting our institutions across Africa is the tailor-made transversal program, the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate, a unique program to keep learners distinctive and in high demand through a best in class online experience.

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A unique and engaging learning experience

Adopting the latest cognitive research to maximize skills acquisition, the learning experience of the 21st Century Skills Certificate offers guided path journeys with multi-activities and in varied format designed by international experts from some of the world’s leading universities to ensure engagement during the online learning journey.

The programme is run in partnership with CrossKnowledge, one of the world’s leading e-learning platform*, and with Le Wagon, the #1 ranked coding bootcamp worldwide**.

* CrossKnowledgewas ranked #1 in the Craig Weiss annual Top 50 Learning System.
**ranked as world’s #1 coding bootcamp according to students on Switchup for the 3 last years