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AI in Healthcare Education: A Path to Transformative Learning

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare delivery, education stands as the cornerstone for preparing competent professionals capable of navigating the complexities of modern healthcare. This is particularly crucial in the pan-African context, where the demand for skilled healthcare professionals continues to rise alongside advancements in medical technology.

Equipping the World’s Largest Youth Demographic with Future-Proof Medical Training

by Houbeb Ajmi, Regional CEO, Honoris United Universities As we approach the end of 2020, a year with unforeseen global health challenges, international commentators are often asking, how did Africa retain its innate resilience in the fight against COVID-19? Despite under-staffed and under-resourced healthcare systems across the continent, the data shows a promising outlook in…

How Honoris’ 21st Century learning environments help two students feel confident and capable in facing their future

Student Experience / 21st Century Learning Environments by Honoris Staff Writer Many students find implementing classroom theory in the real world a challenge, which is why Honoris has developed its simulation centres and innovation labs. These labs give you the opportunity to develop deep capabilities in a real-world environment, boosting your confidence and employability. We…