Nile University of Nigeria’s Upcoming Medical Simulation Centre

In a world of constant disruption, it is imperative that we train our students for the modern workplace by exposing them to tech-enabled healthcare early in their learning process.

Knowing this, Nile University of Nigeria has begun the process of setting up a state-of-the-art Medical Simulation Centre (MSC), which will be the second in our network after the award-winning MSC in Tunisia. Prof. Dilli Dogo FNAMed, Nile’s Vice Chancellor and a Professor of Surgery and Consultant Surgeon, shares his insight into this exciting project.

Tell us about the development of the Medical Simulation Center at Nile University of Nigeria.

I’m very excited about the Medical Simulation Laboratory Project at Nile University of Nigeria.
It will provide excellent technological infrastructure and academic resources, which will bridge the gap between basic medical, clinical, and allied health training. This project presents incredible opportunities in the field of medical sciences.

In what ways will the Medical Simulation Center enable Nile University to better train medical professionals in Nigeria, particularly with experience of AI in Health, and how it will improve health outcomes?

The Medical Simulation Lab at Nile University of Nigeria offers facilities for Medical and Allied Health Science Students to train on simulators before working with real patients. Equipped with high-definition mannequins, students can develop their medical skills, making their transition to actual medical management in clinical areas seamless. The center will also provide professionals with a platform to retrain and enhance their skills in specific fields.

How will the Medical Simulation Centre Work/Function?

The Medical Simulation Center will function under standard medical protocol, it will be headed by the Director of the Medical Simulation Laboratory, and the skills deployment will be conducted by specially trained simulation technicians and experts who will ensure the safe and optimum utilization of this valuable investment.

How Many Students Can the Simulation Centre Take?

The Medical Simulation Centre is designed to have:

  • 9 suites which can take 7-10 students each at a time
  • A briefing and debriefing room designed to take up to 12 students.

When is the estimated Date of Completion?

The Nile University’s Medical Simulation Lab is scheduled for completion by the first half of 2024, with equipment purchase and installation to promptly follow.