Theme #5:Communities

Women in Africa initiative

Since 2017, Honoris has helped train more than 216 female entrepreneurs and awarded more than 40 scholarships across the continent.Honoris is extremely proud of the 2021 bootcamp which was hosted online and saw the record participation of 540 women entrepreneurs which was a huge success. For 2 weeks, 8 virtual sessions were hosted with 40 student entrepreneurs from the Honoris network also participating.


Advance the interest of women within the leadership space


Scholarships are offered to pursue programs in Honoris Institutions


Women are sponsored to enrol in the Honoris 21st Century skills Certificate

Honoris is a partner of Women in Africa Initiative (WIA), an organization that encourages female entrepreneurship and economic leadership across the continent. Entrepreneurship and women's leadership are major axes to transform the African continent and have an impact on the development of economies and communities with a relevant, global context.

WIA is a catalyst for ideas for providing concrete answers to the problems of the African continent and in strengthening the role and presence of women in its development. This pan-African initiative sits at the heart of Honoris’ mission: Education for Impact.
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Seynabou Thiam, WIA54 Program Manager

"I believe in sustainability and Honoris United Universities support is all about creating sustainable initiatives. Honoris has supported WIA since the beginning, increasing its commitment each year. During the COVID crisis, their support was extremely helpful to allow us to host the program virtually with the online bootcamp. The bootcamp was WIA's first step to accomplish our vision by 2030 which is to multiply our support to women entrepreneurs tenfold! Utilising technology, we supported 540 women entrepreneurs this year instead of 54!"
Seynabou Thiam

Laura Kakon, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer

"For the past 5 years Honoris United Universities, the first and largest pan-African private higher education network, has proudly supported Women In Africa as a Knowledge Partner. This year, our pedagogical support consisted in designing this bootcamp in collaboration with ESCP Business School's Blue Factory, Honoris' academic partner for incubator development."
Laura Kakon

Jane Muigai Kamphuis is the education laureate, named WIA 54 EDUCATION WINNER FOR 2020. She is the Found er-Director of Toolkit ISkills Limited, a training organization built to address the crisis of youth unemployment in Kenya in the construction, infrastructure, mining and gas sectors. Jane has a Master’s Degree in Human Rights Law from Harvard Law School and over 15 years of global experience in the practice and application of international human rights, humanitarian and refugee law with UNHCR in various countries.

Honoris is proud to partner with Toolkit iSkills (TTI), a Kenya-based social enterprise, devoted to youth skills training and employability, and one of the winning projects of the #WIA54 program. TTI raises youth from unskilled and unemployed to skilled and highly employable, linking the youth with employers or entrepreneurship so that they can run their own small enterprise / self-employment.
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Freweini Beyene Berhe, software developer, co-founder of Justice Chatbot Ltd.

"I’m a 2019 laureate for a project JusticeBot representing Uganda in WIA54 program. WIA is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The bootcamp was wonderful. It was packed with intensive training, but I enjoyed meeting the 54 laureates. It helped to network and collaborate with Pan-African women facing same challenges in different contexts and areas. It instils global perception and widens horizons and especially when you are thinking of expending to other markets. The bootcamp agenda was intense, with memorable speeches but my fond memory would be the breakout room when we get to discuss one topic as a group.

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MANCOSA of south africa: Women Leadership Program

MANCOSA continues to strive to create an enabling environment for the promotion of women in leadership roles. The MANCOSA Center for Women in Leadership (CWIL) has reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for women in Africa to be given an opportunity to explore meaningful work and professional opportunities. The objectives of this program are as follows:


Advance the interest of women within the leadership space

Raise awareness around community socio-economic needs

Provide support and developmental tools to women in every sector

Promote networking and collaboration

Since its inception in August 2015, the Center has embarked on a number of research, advocacy, training, networking and mentorship activities, and is also involved in several charitable causes and skills development programs. Noteworthy projects include:

  • 80 pairs School Shoe Sponsorship to Isilimela High school in partnership with Womandla Foundation
  • Specialised Wheelchair Sponsorship to South African Paralympic Athlete Zanele Situ
  • Women in Business Masterclass
  • MOVE AFRICA Menstrual Cup Pledge
  • 400 Re-usable Sanitary Pack Distribution to eMpangeni High school
  • 40 Care Pack Distribution to Kenilworth Respite Center, St Annes Home, and L'Abrie de Dieu Safe House
  • Gender Based Violence Webinar

Women still experience challenges in their private and professional lives – from gender based violence to unfair treatment at work. In August 2019, Uyinene Mrwetyana who was a student at the University of Cape Town, was killed at the age of 19. She was a victim of gender-based violence. Since then, the CWIL entered into a partnership with the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation to provide skills workshops for young leaders. A partnership has also been established with Womandla Foundation which empowers women and collaborates with other organisations to promote social innovation, public education, as well as community enrichment and transformation. The CWIL is sponsoring online short learning programs for Womandla’s STEAM Awards which shines a light on the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

MANCOSA also sponsored 20 HUU 21st Century Skills Certificate programs in partnership with the Womandla Foundation to selected recipients. Furthermore, with the current attention from the government, employers, the legal community, and the media on the issue of gender inequality, the promotion of women in leadership roles is seeing positive growth.

Sam Gqomo, Director of Womandla Foundation

"Judging from the interest and many applications we received, the sought after HUU 21st Century Skills Certificate that MANCOSA offered to bursary holders gave women in our community an opportunity to empower themselves, learn and grow. Many have remarked that this was a confidence boost and eye opening initiative that they never anticipated. We are ever so grateful for the partnership."
Sam Gqomo
Specialised Wheelchair Sponsorship to South African Paralympic Athlete Zanele Situ

“I would like to say a big thank you to MANCOSA for supporting me with the sponsorship of this wheelchair”

Zanele Situ, Paralympic Athlete
Bhekikusasa High School Care Packs

Ms JabulileDiko, Prof Magnate Ntombela and Dr Emmauel Akinmolayan Handing over care packs to learners at Bhekikusasa High School .

School Shoe Sponsorship to Isilimela High school in partnership with Womandla Foundation

Zoghrah from CWIL handing over school shoe donation to Teacher Judy from Isilimela High school, and our partner Sam Gqomo from Womandla Foundation