Theme #4:


The acceleration in adopting the latest technological tools for digital learning will equip Honoris students with the cultural agility and mobile mindset necessary to keep up with the 21st century job market. Honoris provides its students with access to a range of innovation hubs, makerspaces, and cutting-edge laboratories with an atmosphere of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit.

SMARTiLab is the first private laboratory for research, development, and innovation in Morocco and is part of its EMSI Group. Since its creation in September 2015, innovation remains at the core of its strategy, comprising a united team of several Inventors, Doctors, Phd students, Engineers, Associate Professors, highly-qualified Technicians and talented Students.

This commitment also fuels their ambition to be recognized as a socially responsible laboratory that is capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow. As such, SMARTiLab offers a complete range of inventions for a better life based on technologies for humanity.

Through SMARTiLab, EMSI proudly steered its country to greater heights of achievement, winning two silver medals at the BIXPO 2017 (Bitgaram International Exhibition of Electric Power Technology), which took place in Gwangju, South Korea.

The BIXPO is one of the most important invention competitions in the world, with over 60,000 visitors and nearly 3,000 inventors from over 48 countries, specializing in electricity, energy, ICT, ecology, and domestic sciences.

The first silver medal was awarded to the project "EFMA", a new electromagnetic absorber based on a flexible and ultra-thin meta-material for the protection of the human body against electromagnetic radiation. This invention makes it possible to protect the human dermis against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, namely ionization, and more particularly its thermal effect. This new absorber is designed to have applications in the health sector, mainly to protect patients and staff against radiations in their radiology and radiotherapy activities. Moreover, this absorber system offers a wide array of possible solutions to protect human beings against military electromagnetic attacks.

Photo caption: 1st prize awarded to the winning team of the E-NOV innovation competition organized by the SMARTiLab laboratory, 2019

The second silver medal was awarded to the "Senstenna" project, a technological innovation belonging to 5th generation communication systems and especially the field of connected objects: Internet of Things (IoT). It is a device that uses the RF wave of the communication module to detect different types of physical quantities without resorting to a specific sensor. It also received many international awards in 2017, a gold medal at Canada’s iCAN -International Inventions and Innovation contest, a gold medal at EUROINVENT –European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation held in Romania, the international winner prize of technological innovation at ‘Archimedes’ – International Salon of inventions and innovation technologies of Moscow,  >>read more

Photo caption: Medals and awards for best invention at iCAN'2019 innovation fair - Toronto, Canada


In a world where ecological and smart cities are ongoing trends, finding a free parking lot poses a serios urban issue. In this context, SMARTiLab raised the issue of urban parking as a major challenge facing any smart city.

SmartyPark is the comfort of finding in real time available places to park wherever you are, saving time, improving mobility and environment, by means of a system which allows to visualize through digital displays the availability of places to park.

Smart Traffic

The innovation is a decentralized system based on radio frequency identification and image processing, able to manage urban traffic in an optimal and intelligent way. It identifies emergency vehicles (fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, etc.) and controls traffic lights dynamically.

The project clinched a gold medal at the iCAN, the international invention and innovation competition, organized by Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS), in Toronto, Canada.  
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The project is an intelligent system sterilizer capable of distributing sanitary products in an automatic and intelligent way. SMART-DPH aims to protect individuals against the spread of pandemics.

It makes hygiene products accessible to everyone, protected by advanced sterilization techniques which protects the individual and family or work environment during each outing or entering of a professional or personal environment.

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Recognition awarded to the president of the student innovation club
Our inventor colleagues from South Korea on the side-lines of the Geneva innovation fair, Switzerland, 2019
The president of the student innovation club receiving a cheque