Theme #4:


The acceleration in adopting the latest technological tools for digital learning will equip Honoris students with the cultural agility and mobile mindset necessary to keep up with the 21st century job market. Honoris provides its students with access to a range of innovation hubs, makerspaces, and cutting-edge laboratories with an atmosphere of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit.


MANCOSA School of Education launched a state-of-the-art iTeachLab in Durban, South Africa. The lab comprises of 7 hubs that upskill, invigorate, and enhance educators’ teaching skills.

These seven hubs boast state of the art technology and design, providing the best possible experience for students and faculty. In addition, the augmented mobile reality application serves to enhance the immersive learning experience.


Collaboration, participation, and engagement are promoted across the seven strategically designed hubs.


Encourages design thinking and creative thinking to develop innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Equipped with 3D Printers and Laser cutters, students are able to conduct research and produce prototypes.

Coding and robotics

Promotes robotics and programming skills, enabling students to both design and create robots using international robotics standards.


Using floor to ceiling smart board technology to aid visual problem solving, traditional teaching methods of the last 25 years are transformed to inspire a more live and practical learning experience drawing on collaboration,  >>read more

Language Amphitheatre

Designed to nurture creativity through sound listening, critical reading, creative writing, and presentation skills in a colourful and theatrical setting. Here students are able to write poetry and explore their literary interests.


Reflecting on different African cultures and the immense knowledge systems they possess. It encourages story-telling (which is a powerful indigenous teaching and learning methodology for knowledge transfer), mentorship, and development of the human self.

Science lab

A high tech environment designed to allow students to experiment with biology, chemistry and physics and science concepts, using a hands on approach. Various science kits and tools will aid experimentation and understanding.

Management and leadership

Developing and equipping the next generation of policy makers to become iconic leaders.

Partnership with EON Reality - EON-XR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality): A New Age of Immersive, Resilient, Relevant Learning

Hassan Filali, CEO of Honoris Morocco

“Higher education is undergoing a fundamental reorganization, with a pivot towards new technology-based learning methods that accelerate and improve skills acquisition. We are delighted to partner with EON Reality. The EON-XR solutions will contribute to introducing interactive and immersive AR & VR content in the curricula to continuously improve the student experience. At Honoris, we are committed to investing in academic innovation and exploring new methods of delivery with a strong focus on student success.”

Hassan Filali

In its continued commitment to academic innovation across the continent, Honoris has implemented the first pan-African augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platform in partnership with California-based AR/VR world leader, EON Reality.

This commenced in Morocco and will expand across the rest of the Honoris network, which is part of Honoris’ commitment to invest in academic innovation and the exploration into new methods of delivery with a strong focus on student success.  >>read more