Outlook for the future

Honoris will continue transforming lives through relevant education for lifetime success – the goal is to transform the lives of 124,000 students by 2027. To do this we will be expanding the audience of learners in existing markets and where the need is through sustainable and relevant education solutions. This will see a growth in Honoris’ presence in new markets (i.e., Egypt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Senegal) and expansion in existing markets (i.e., South Africa) as well as regional and international expansion of Honoris’ institutions.

Honoris is committed to the economic prosperity of Africa and will continue to extend its “Education for Impact” mission where it is needed and develop education models that are relevant to our communities for a sustainable future to make a transformative impact across the continent. Sustaining accessibility to quality education is therefore imperative.

To achieve this, Agenda 2063 (The Africa We Want) and the UN 2030 SDG goals we contribute to, requires a collective effort involving all stakeholders working together including all the communities, employers, governments and regulators, academic and employer partners where Honoris operates. The journey continues with the same extent of passion demonstrated during the last 4 years and we will, year after year, demonstrate enthusiastically and with great pride - the impact we make! This will be tracked enthusiastically with the Actis impact scoring tool and tracked over time.

Short-, medium- and long-term focus will include:

  • Meeting demand for tertiary education which will continue to grow
  • Regional expansion and sustaining the competitive position in each market
  • A strong focus on renewing and reimagining education methods and systems
  • A focus on relevant education models and solutions will continue to ensure that Honoris contributes to build capacity in quality education in Africa
  • Development of new verticals
  • Enhanced employability-focused education models leveraging on global industry partnerships and bespoke approaches and services by profile of learners
  • Accelerating student and faculty exchange programs
  • The cross-pollination of students and faculty across the network to leverage the strength and diversity of Honoris institutions
  • Achieving digital transformation at scale across the network
  • Further advancement of governance structures and internal reporting mechanisms, type and frequency
  • Evolving the Honoris Impact framework, setting of KPI’s and determination of like industry benchmarks for comparison and reporting against these
  • Fostering change management with dedicated programs and formalization of HR policies, grading, succession planning and talent management
  • Implementing common Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Software (LMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to increase efficiency, reduce cost and enable greater collaboration across the network
  • Augmented student centricity – from 45 to 65 surveys which will be extended to partners