Université Mundiapolis is a private university in Casablanca, Morocco.

The university is a merger of the Institute of Management and Business Law (IMADE), Moroccan School of Computer Science, Electronics and Automation (EMIAE), and Polyfinance, and was established in 2009 as a multi-disciplinary private university.

What does education for impact mean to THE HONORIS MOROCCO NETWORK?

Hassan Filali, CEO of Honoris United Universities in Morocco, speaks for the Moroccan network of Honoris-affiliated institutions:

“Education for impact means having an impact on the lives of our students through an educational model which does not only provide them with a recognized degree but gives them the skills that employers require. We put ourselves in the shoes of parents investing in their children’s futures and ask ourselves what their return on investment is, by closely observing the job market to monitor salaries after graduation. Our commitment is to add value to our students by equipping them with the resources and skills to be successful in their careers or entrepreneurial endeavors.”


  • Mundiapolis has a very diverse student profile, attracting students across Sub-Saharan Africa, mainly from the Ivory Coast, Gabon, Chad, Burkina Faso, and Cameroun
  • Special attention is paid to foreign students from their arrival at the airport. Preferential access to campus housing is provided on the first year of study
  • UM organizes Welcome Days for all new students
  • From the day of enrollment, UM provide students with an IT support service

learning experience

  • The university attaches great importance to supporting its students, to listen to them, to coach them and to make them aware of the principles of tolerance, ethics, environmental protection and social responsibility. And makes them citizens of the world propagating universal values
  • The pedagogy provided is oriented towards innovation, centered on the learner and aims to develop students' skills in their disciplinary fields and in personal development
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  • UM has a Career Center that is dedicated to supporting employability
  • Particular attention is paid to field visits, internships and work-study training. New technologies are part of the training, for lifelong learning of its graduates
  • All graduating students are encouraged to enroll for the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate to prepare them for the workplace


  • Alumni members are engaged through Mundiapolis community - a web platform where the Alumni, students, and faculty can interact and participate in the life of the university. The platform is managed by the Career Center


Pillars of Honoris Impact Framework
UM Impact

Network: the power of regional and global collaboration through institutions and partnerships and the positive impact.

  • UM is a partner of many prestigious international universities and institutions (IAE Nice business school, University of Upper Alsace, Le Cnam Engineering School, The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Grenoble IAE Graduate School of Management to name a few) through multiple exchange programs and internships, thus offering a variety of opportunities for students to enrich their pool of knowledge and qualifications in Morocco and abroad

Learning: quality education and developing world-class African human talent with an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills to thrive in the globally disrupted world of work.

  • The pedagogical approach is centered on the student. Students can expect a combination of continuous evaluations, assignments, simulations, mini projects, and even AR/VR technologies. The reversed classroom, where students do research on a topic to be discussed later in class
  • As part of its mission, UM offers multidisciplinary training and a catalog of specialized seminars, the purpose of which is to enable executives to study and work, concurrently. In addition, UM offers a Global MBA program and an Executive DBA program

Innovation: education must continuously evolve to meet the challenges of the fast-changing and unpredictable globalized world.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit is not limited to the founding of a company but is important to participate in the company's development. As such, UM’s programs include courses in entrepreneurship, business plan development, innovation marketing, and more
  • Mundiapolis Community is a digital platform made available to students in order to allow them to expand their professional network, and to benefit from all the services of the Career Center in just one click. Students who join the Mundiapolis Community can (1) establish contacts, find old comrades, and stay in touch with their network; (2) use their professional network to be introduced to professionals and businesses; (3) refer students about to graduate, hire them, or offer to become their mentor; (4) make use of the Career Center where they can follow all events, workshops, activities and services online, and also make an appointment with career advisors

Employability: commitment to enhancing employability of graduates.

  • In addition to the pedagogical approach, we ensure quality teaching by reviewing our programs periodically to ensure that they are relevant to the changing needs of the labor market
  • The main value of our diplomas and the skills of our laureates are validated by the job market, where more than 5,500 laureates evolve

Communities: delivering a positive social impact in local communities.

  • EAC offers scholarships to students who cannot otherwise afford the tuition fees
  • UM has implemented a counseling unit for students, which is managed by an external psychologist
  • UM students regularly organize caravans during the winter to provide clothing and blankets to remote villages in the mountains
  • UM Health school organizes yearly caravans to address specific health problems in remote areas. This is done in collaboration with associations of doctors such as Pupled’Espoirs Association and Lions Doctors Association
  • Every year, clubs like Rotaract MundiaCity and Dream’s Hope organize Blood Donation Days at Mundiapolis’ campuses
  • UM has partnerships with several social associations to provide scholarships for bright students who cannot afford to pay university tuition fees
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Oumaiyma INTISSAR - Degree: Software engineering

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Hala EL KACHTOUL - Speech &Language Pathologist and Alumni of Mundiapolis University

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