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At R&Y, the focus is on equipping students for the 21st Century realities, and the exciting opportunities that will arise from the digital explosion and ever-increasing pervasiveness of technology. R&Y is a tertiary institution based Cape Town, South Africa. This school of business currently offers a range of future-focused degree programs, advanced diplomas and short courses – delivered either face-to-face or online.

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What does education for impact mean to Red & Yellow?

Verusha Maharaj, Managing Director of Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, captures this succinctly:

“It means using education as a catalyst to advance the lives of our students who are building careers, uplifting and transforming the country and high-growth industry sectors.”

Student Lifecycle

Over 27 years, R&Y has built a strong and trusted reputation as a leading training institute for marketing and advertising. As such, it can be said that the student lifecycle begins with the recruiting of students. In the Western Cape, R&Y’s legacy plays a part in attracting students who have aspirations in conducting business creatively and innovatively.


  • R&Y’s students are primarily South African and mostly from the Western Cape Province. However, R&Y’s reach is expanding, with their online and corporate programs showing an increase in international attention
  • As challenging as the past couple of years have been, with society and the economy taking a hard knock during the COVID-19 pandemic, R&Y is fortunate to report that total enrollments for full qualifications and online short courses in 2021 grew double digit from 2020, evidence of the relevancy of the curriculum and satisfaction of the students and its Alumni


  • R&Y’s mission is to equip the great creators, inventors, leaders, and entrepreneurs with skills pertinent to the 21st Century. R&Y focuses on work-ready skills and assimilates industry changes into the planning and delivery of courses and programs. This ensures the relevance of the programs offered
  • R&Y provides support and guidance to its students by forming a host of in-house committees that tend to specific aspects of the institution’s education process. As such, the quality of the programs is ensured
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  • In preparing students for the modern workplace, practical guidance is integrated into the curriculum. This requires final year students to spend three to four weeks working within a business. R&Y has an extensive network of industry partners, many of whom enjoy a long-standing relationship with the school
  • Students participate in two Brand Challenges in which cross-functional student teams from different programs collaborate on projects to respond to real-world briefs from actual clients. The aim for students is to formulate and present their marketing and business solutions to the clients, in simulated pitches. Past clients include Red Bull, Unilever, African Bank, Absa, Nedbank, and Heineken


  • R&Y has an Alumni Talent team that assists alumni and businesses with recruitment and placements
  • Through Honoris, R&Y is in the process implementing the Graduway platform which will uplift current efforts in Alumni interactions and produce accurate reporting and tracking of Alumni success in the future


Pillars of Honoris Impact Framework

Network: the power of regional and global collaboration through institutions and partnerships and the positive impact.

  • Guest speakers: Experts with practical experience in their particular field are invited to share their knowledge with students at relevant times throughout their programs. This approach creates opportunities for students to learn from and network with industry experts while developing a positive attitude towards entering the working world upon graduation
  • Collaborative projects: A number of collaborative projects are implemented whereby students are tasked with solving real-world challenges and provided with facilitated workshops and feedback sessions. This approach also involves industry experts presenting lectures; however, it extends beyond a guest speaker interaction and creates a deep opportunity for students to engage with industry partners
  • NGO / NPO projects: A number of real-time projects servicing the NGO / NPO sector are introduced, annually. This allows the students to apply their knowledge to a real-world challenge and, simultaneously, assist and connect with sectors that pay it forward
  • Red & Yellow has recently partnered with The Loeries, Africa and the Middle East's premier award that recognizes, rewards, inspires and fosters creative excellence in the advertising and brand communication industry. The partnership provided R&Y with the opportunity to host Masterclasses on campus which were open to the industry as well as students and staff. This creative week created an immersive experience for students, affording them access to the awards as well as various networking events with key industry players
  • Red & Yellow is also the author of eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digital World, a textbook first published in 2008 and now in its 6th Edition. It is available as a free PDF download, and has been downloaded over 1 million times and is prescribed in universities around the world. The textbook has been tremendously effective in establishing Red & Yellow’s position as a thought-leader and custodian of best-practice in the Digital Marketing space

Learning: quality education and developing world-class African human talent with an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills to thrive in the globally disrupted world of work.

  • Full-time undergraduate and post-graduate programs are CHE accredited, and online programs are MICT SETA accredited
  • Creative thinking is at the heart of what R&Y does. The case studies and workshops presented by lecturers teach lateral thinking techniques and creative thinking is tested in every assignment - and rewarded when done well by students
  • R&Y has a 94% graduation rate across contact and distance qualifications in 2020
  • As of July 2021, R&Y achieved an overall NPS of 52 for their online course offering

Innovation: education must continuously evolve to meet the challenges of the fast-changing and unpredictable globalized world.

  • R&Y continuously investigates the ideal number of assessments, course length, content type, and other factors in order to ensure optimal student engagement and success without losing the R&Y touch
  • R&Y is constantly looking for new and improved ways to help students along in their learning journey. As such, R&Y is in the process of updating Moodle (the student learning and management platform) so that it is a more enjoyable experience for students by gamifying their learning platforms
  • R&Y has moved quickly in response to industry demand for critical 21st century and 4IR skills. This is seen in their developing custom programs in Digital Marketing, Experience Design (XD), and Digital Design for a number of South Africa’s biggest banks (Nedbank, Standard Bank, Absa) and other private and public educational institutions (including 2U and University of Cape Town). These programs employ blended and distance learning methodologies
  • Furthermore, R&Y has recognized the importance of cultivating uniquely human skills within a rapidly changing environment and is providing opportunities within their programs to encourage critical thinking, creativity, empathy, and collaboration among students
  • R&Y has an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications program which focuses on Entrepreneurial Marketing: students are introduced to a number of successful entrepreneurs from whom they have the ability to learn in a real-world setting
  • All full-time students have access to R&Y’s digital labs, where they can access the internet and Adobe Suite. The next step for R&Y is to implement formal training in the Google suite products for all students on the full-time and online programs

Employability: commitment to enhancing employability of graduates.

  • R&Y’s online courses are constantly updated and adhere to current standards regarding the required knowledge and practical skills for industry, and include training on additional human (soft) skills such as persuasion, mindfulness, leadership, and negotiation. This grants assurance that all graduates are well-equipped for their future workspace
  • As of 2021, R&Y’s the BCom Marketing degree is offered in association with Unilever. With the industry-leading expertise and experience that Unilever will bring to the collaboration, the students of R&Y will experience invaluable training by guest lecturers and interactive workshops, and unique experience in projects and work-readiness programs with marketing giant, Unilever

Communities: delivering a positive social impact in local communities.

  • R&Y social responsibility initiatives include partnerships with two non-profit organizations: Learn to Earn and Blackboard. This year, R&Y lecturers have done creative workshops with cohorts from both partners, and the R&Y canteen has also been set up in partnership with Learn to Earn
  • In addition to their innovative and expansive bursary program, R&Y offers 5 scholarships a year, which grant fully-covered tuition fees. These scholarships are awarded to current or prospective students with excellent grades, who embody R&Y values and have a burning ambition for a career with purpose
  • The SRC is piloting the use of an online community platform, called Discord, for students to engage with each other socially
Red & Yellow has proudly collaborated with the following organizations:


Yraney Ramlall

"In 2016 I had just relocated to Cape Town. I had left my permanent job as an electrical engineer and was finding it difficult getting employment as I had not completed my studies. After two weeks in Cape Town, I saw an advert on Gumtree for the Red & Yellow learnership and it changed my life. The program really spring boarded me, it gave me a network and opportunity I would never have been able to access even with a full BSC in Electrical Engineering. The key to my success was that I was partnered with a Company that suited my talents. I was placed in Brandseye, which suited my analytical nature. This allowed me to discover the Digital Marketing Technology space. Even with a year's experience, that included my in-service requirements, I was desirable enough to move into a Paid Media Agency.
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In 2016 I found myself at a crossroads in my life, unsure which direction to take career-wise when I learned about an advertising learnership at Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. I was so excited when I was selected to be a part of it and in no uncertain terms, it has been a life-changing experience for me. The learnership consisted of six months of theory where we learned all about advertising and marketing and met some fascinating guest lecturers along the way.

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What recruiters say about Red & Yellow students

"One of the key measures we look at in our candidates is their qualifications, and in this regard Red & Yellow is particularly prestigious. We find that candidates with the Red & Yellow stamp on their CVs are far better equipped than others, not only when it comes to skills but also at an interpersonal level. A Red & Yellow qualification really goes a long way."
The Talent Boom

What recruiters say about Red & Yellow students

“VGP Recruitment has worked with Red & Yellow for many years, placing many of their students. They are a recognized, highly respected institution with a legacy of top industry staff and well-rounded graduates. Our clients are always positive when we submit candidates with a Red & Yellow qualification, as the standard is consistently high. We are proud to endorse the school”.
VGP Recruitment

What Brand challenge partners say about Red & Yellow students

Feedback from Unilever (Axe Deodorant) who participated in our 2019 student brand challenge:
“A massive thank you to the incredible work and effort put into this brand challenge – we were blown away by the quality of work presented by the students! Truly one of the best reverts I’ve seen.”
Bontle Modiselle, Brand Manager, Axe

Feedback from Capitec who participated in the 2015 Brand Challenge:

“The students were in top form! It could have well been just an existing agency team presenting - you really prepared them well for real life! It did not feel as if they were students! I have to congratulate you and your team who prepared these young ones to be great one day. Please be assured of my ongoing support!”
Charl Nel, Head of Communications