Contribution to the UN 2030 SDG's

Accreditation: The ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – MESRS
Photovoltaic panels are installed to use sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity
Recycling bins and limited printing encourages proactive participation in achieving environmental benefits
Female students account for 29% of ESPRIT’s student population while male students comprise 71%
ESPRIT has improved building accesses for physically challenged persons and facilities for people with special needs
Easy Payment Plan for Tuition fees offered to students, thereby widening access to education
Grants and loans provided to deserving students with low-income families through “Foundation Esprit”
Transitioning to renewable energy from National Grid Electricity and diesel generator use is a priority


Female students account for 60% of the student population while male students comprise 40%
Female staff represent 72% while male staff comprise 28%
Contributes to widening access to learning, with a dedicated scholarship program +100 students from low income families
550 pupils of a primary schooluse the universities’ facilities to ensure academic continuity after the school’s roof collapsed
Team building and HR events to improve education conditions within communities: rehabilitation of a training centre for disabled children
Promotes women - last year 3 out of 4 promotions were women; Majority of new recruits (85%) are women
Installation of sensors to control electricity consumption
Actions on all water points to limit consumption (up to 80% reduction)
UNIVERSITÉ CENTRALE has launched the operation "Plant trees: One student = one tree"
Solar power used in support of green energy