In 2021, over 10,000 students enrolled in the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate


In the next 5 years, Honoris aims to train 100,000 learners with this program.

It is through programs of top quality that Honoris seeks to empower the next generation of African leaders. This has led to the development of an exciting new program which is available to all Honoris institutions and students across the network: The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate.

Studies have shown that to succeed in the modern world, the top four skills required in today’s professionals are complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and people management. In response to these needs, Honoris launched the 21st Century Skills Certificate to up-skill graduates for the future world of work. The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate delivers skills training in areas highlighted by industry analysts and by the demands of the 4IR, ensuring that graduates enter the world of work empowered with high cognitive skills and digital literacy competencies that are necessary to navigate our changing world.

This program is targeted to all Honoris students: African learners that are either school leavers or working professionals. The certificate is intended to be mandatory and either blended into the current curricula or added to the degree program, depending on institutions’ rules and regulations.

Bridging the gap between employer and industry needs for the 21st century

Based on global research and engagement with employers across the continent, the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate has been developed by the Honoris Academic Council, a pan-African team of faculty representatives with exemplary backgrounds and academic experience.

Chosen for their unmatched expertise in their fields, including online learning and digital technology, the Council’s work is an important investment in the development of world-class human talent. The following is further insight to the key aspects of the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate.

These skills serve as a driving force for the 4IR and ensure that Honoris graduates keep up with the dynamics of the labor market.

While English is the de facto language of business, coding is the new second language for the 21st century. Knowledge of coding, which is included in the certificate, will contribute to developing a computational thinking approach to problems, allowing for new responses to changes in the digital economy.

The 100-hour program is being deployed free of charge to all students across the network. It constitutes a four-module design including personal, social, digital, and entrepreneurship skills which will be embedded in Honoris member institutions’ curricula. This certificate, powered by the Honoris Online Academy, demonstrates the network’s ongoing commitment to providing student-centric learning environments, designed by combining academic knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and workplace credentials, to ensure graduates are equipped with the digital know-how and hybrid skills to meet the needs of the changing job market.

The eight most-demanded skills by employers and for the future world of work:

Behavioral intelligence

Creative and design thinking

Critical thinking




Data analytics


All stakeholders who have tested the 21st Century Skills Certificate, highly rate its:

Content Relevance

Quality of Content

Variety of Content

Ease of Use

The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate is innovative in three main areas

  • 1. Content:

    The content of the Certificate was designed with feedback from employers, and aims to equip learners with the soft skills and digital skills necessary for the jobs of tomorrow demanded by 4IR, provided in collaboration with the best in class providers

  • 2. Blockchain enabled assessment and certification:

    The Blockchain technology ensures that students have life-long access to their verified certificates and that these can be shared with employers and professional networks, as the student wishes.

  • 3. Delivery:

    The certificate is a fully online program that is also accessible through a mobile app. The content is available online (or offline, once downloaded), and in French and English.

What faculty, and staff have to say about the 21st Century Skills learning experience

“It is a privilege to be able to undertake the Honoris Skills Certificate which is a course offered on an inventive e-leaning platform. The course provides knowledge and skills that are enriched and aligns to ways in which we can manage and lead 21st century talent.

The manner in which the learning is structured with videos, case studies, and quizzes on the e-learning platform makes it unique and exciting."
Prof Saritha Beni, Academic Director MANCOSA
“The 21st Century Skills Certificate was a revolution for me in the e-learning approach.

The program is very attractive with interactive coaches and exercises that made me enjoy each learning step.

The subjects are interesting and valuable, in terms of quality and quantity.”
Asmae Mani, Head of Employability, Honoris Morocco.