Theme #4:

Education, being a social institution serving the needs of society, is indispensable for society to survive and thrive. It should not only be comprehensive and sustainable, but must continuously evolve to meet the challenges of the fast-changing and unpredictable globalized world. In addition, entrepreneurship in higher education is recognized as a major driver to underpin innovation. It is therefore critical to embed entrepreneurship within education programs and create environments within which entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviors are developed.

How is Honoris innovating to remain relevant, and evolving to meet the challenges of the ever changing and unpredictable globalized world? How is Honoris creating opportunities to promote teaching of entrepreneurship?


Honoris places emphasis on academic innovation and in combining the delivery of courses both online and in-person with state-of-the-art learning centers. In doing so, Honoris intends on providing students with access to advanced learning technologies such as the latest learning systems, immersive learning environments, innovation centers, new academic models, innovative research collaborations, and digitalization across its network.

Honoris is committed to continuously investing in academic innovation and exploring new methods of delivery, challenging traditional academic models.


As part of an ongoing commitment to educate and prepare future leaders and professionals in Africa with 21st century skills, Honoris established a partnership with Area9 Lyceum, a world-renowned leader in personalized and adaptive learning platforms. The introduction of adaptive learning - which recreates scaled personalized learning with the benefits of a one-to-one personal tutor - to the Honoris curricula reflects an emphasis on academic innovation by providing students with access to advanced learning technologies. Greatly differing from traditional models of education, adaptive learning cuts training time to focus on creating higher proficiency in learners, improving outcomes and uncovering unconscious incompetence.

Personalized learning to improve skills acquisition

Adaptive learning uses proven data analytics and technologies that deeply understand the learning patterns of every unique individual through algorithms from billions of learning experiences, and automatically adjust to the needs of each learner. It gives institutions the opportunity to continuously tailor their programs according to the needs of each student, delivering an optimal experience that puts the outcomes of the learner at the center - which aligns with Honoris’ student-centric approach to education.

Capitalizing on its proven results in the health science sector, Honoris has introduced the Area9 platform in the strategic verticals of Health (in Tunisia) and Business (in South Africa). >>read more

Dr. Khurram Jamil, President – Strategic Initiatives, Area9 Lyceum

“Honoris is the first higher education organization in Africa to bring Rhapsode™ adaptive learning technology to students in higher education in the continent. As we continue to examine the seismic impact that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is having on the needs of the future workforce, we are glad to provide this transformative, data-backed, 21st century training approach to Honoris students and support the provision of the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the technology-enabled workplace.”

Dr. Khurram Jamil

Area9 Lyceum

Area9 Lyceum is the most advanced learning platform in the world. It brings together more than two decades of learning research and advanced computer science in its next-generation learning platforms for K-12, higher education, and workforce education. As a leader in personalized and adaptive learning, as well as in comprehensive infrastructure for learning engineering, design, delivery, and analytics at scale, Area9 Lyceum enables clients to realize the future of personalized, multidimensional learning: mastery-based learning.

>>read more

Jonathan Louw, CEO of Honoris

“The Area9 adaptive learning platform is an incredible tool, and it is a great leap forward in what we are trying to achieve. Higher education is undergoing a fundamental reorganization, with a pivot towards new learning systems that accelerate and improve skills acquisition. We were therefore delighted to partner with the Area9 Lyceum’s Rhapsode™ adaptive learning platform to create a personalized learning approach that is critical for improving the outcomes of our students.”

Jonathan Louw