Theme #5:Communities


The result of a partnership between the UNIVERSITÉ CENTRALE, member of the Honoris United Universities network and Essec Business School Paris, the high-level program entitled, “ADVANCED CERTIFICATE WOMEN BOARD READY” was launched within the Tunis Stock Exchange.

UNIVERSITÉ CENTRALE of Tunisia takes action on gender equality, creating opportunities to unlock the full potential of women to rise in leadership positions where they can make the greatest contributions.

This training is designed for women in positions of responsibility within large groups, business leaders and directors in post or recruitment, but also for any experienced woman, able to offer her skills and take on High managerial positions. Women on boards comprise only 11.3% (Only 67 seats are held by women on boards out of a total of 675 seats, in the 79 companies listed on the Tunis stock exchange). Only 7 women (8.9%) are presidents of boards.

The Advanced Certificate Women Board Ready is designed for women in positions of responsibility, having mandates or wishing to access the Boards of Directors and supervision of the Management Committees. The certificate is a career booster for any woman experienced and motivated, able to offer her skills and take on the role of administrator (or leader) in an organization to bring added value.


WiES (Women in Engineering Science) was founded by Dr Khadija Bousmar, a teacher and researcher at EMSI, and aims to promote the role of women engineers/researchers/entrepreneurs at the heart of the development of engineering sciences in innovation, research, social life, and entrepreneurship. WiES is a Moroccan association dedicated to supporting women engineers, PhD students, and scientists. It connects women scientists/academics from public and private sectors and across disciplines.

The mission of WiES is to:

  • Highlight women’s contribution to research and innovation
  • Highlight the impact of women at the heart of the development of new technology
  • Accompany Moroccan girls in developing their academic interests towards a career in engineering and scientific research
  • Accompany women researchers by providing them with professional and personal development training
  • Set up a school program enabling pupils/students to receive training on the role of women in science and technology
  • Invite women leaders to share their success stories
  • Encourage girls to become aware of their skills in the field of scientific research

Events are held for the purpose of encouraging the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and reflections between the academics, scientists, and students.


Sanaa Elfilali

University Professor and Director of the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer at Hassan 2 University Casablanca.

"It was a real pleasure to be with high-calibre women who have innovated and continue to innovate in cutting-edge technology fields during my participation in the Women in Innovation event held on 7 March 2020 by the WiES association. It was a fruitful, enriching and diversified exchange with doctors, IT consultants, entrepreneurs and other associations."

Sanaa Elfilali

Asmaâ Talbi

Independent consultant, coach, seminarist and president of the Association Au coeur de l'Amitié Euro Marocaine

"I participated in the event organised by WiES, and I congratulate the organisers of this exciting initiative and the enriching variety of the panelists gathered to inspire young female students and bring them closer to the reality of a possible future in entrepreneurship, combined with an involvement in social life. I was happy to share with the participants my experience in social work as a volunteer and president of an association, and how the impact generated with the beneficiary populations gave meaning to my life and a real pride to contribute to the social transformation of my country."

Asmaâ Talbi

Nawal Allaoui

Social Entrepreneur

"A very interesting event, I was able to meet very inspiring people from different sectors, and what brought them all together was that they were women who were able to innovate and take the step of I can do it even if I'm a woman."

Nawal Allaoui

Oumaima Bensdira

Student in 4th year EMSI

"Personally I was very lucky to have attended the very enriching speeches of different women from different fields, which allowed me to evolve as a person, to have even more confidence in myself and to be able to achieve even the biggest of my dreams. I thank all the people who were part of this event and who pushed me to become the person I am today."

Oumaima Bensdira

Most impactful woman of the year

Tasneem Jaumally, Operations Manager of Honoris Educational Network

Honoris is thrilled to share that Tasneem Jaumally, Operations Manager of Honoris Educational Network in Mauritius, won the Most Impactful Woman Award in the field of Business Operations, Management, and Entrepreneurship at the “Men & Women of the Year 2021, Edition 18." Tasneem is well-known for her dedication to education and hands-on leadership.