770,000 lives
transformed across Africa

Executive Summary

Measuring Impact: The Honoris Mission to Transform the Lives of Millions Through Relevant Education

Honoris United Universities, backed by leading global investment firm Actis, is the first and largest pan-African network of private higher education institutions. Through the joined expertise of its member institutions (in North, West, Central and Southern Africa), Honoris is committed to transforming lives by providing relevant education for lifetime success. Honoris lives its core values of collaborative intelligence, cultural agility, and mobile mindsets through its mission of Education for Impact across the continent. >>read more


Honoris demonstrates a contribution towards 11 of the 17 SDGs across each core Honoris Impact pillar. To support the objectives of the Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for everyone by 2030, Honoris recognizes that a collective effort is required – involving its own employees and the many partners united to Honoris institutions, from governments and regulators, communities, employers, associations, to academic organizations.


Honoris worked closely with Actis to calculate a precise impact score using a proprietary framework measuring the positive social and environmental impacts of Actis investments and enabling comparison across sectors and geographies. This score, generated for the first time in 2022 (on the results achieved from 2017-2021), serves as the primary benchmark for Honoris’ activities. Honoris delivered an impact multiple of 1.7x over the investment period. The absolute score and qualitative narrative for the 2021 Actis Impact Score for Honoris indicates an outcome which is very high in relation to Actis’ portfolio.

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Through its innovative and future-oriented learning approach, Honoris is widening access to quality education and developing world-class African human talent with an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills to match, in order to thrive in the globally disrupted world of work. Honoris’ academic offering comprises 420 degrees in the fields of Medicine, Health Sciences, Engineering, IT, Business, Law, Architecture, Creative Arts, Fashion and Design, Media, Political Science and Education and are offered at undergraduate, postgraduate, Master and Doctorate levels. In 2021, 38 new programs were developed across the network.  >>read more


Honoris is committed to enhancing the employability of its graduates by incorporating a comprehensive and mandatory work readiness program into the curricula, enabling graduates to develop soft skills and digital capabilities as well as real world competencies. 80% of Honoris graduates gain access to the job market within 6 months of graduating. Honoris has developed strong and mutually rewarding relationships with stakeholders in the employability ecosystem via 400+ partnerships. To prepare students for the transition from academia to the workplace, Honoris institutions provide 22 Career Centers, both physical and digital, used by more than 21,000+ students.  >>read more


Building capacity in and access to high-demand fields of study is the link to employability that focuses on the jobs of tomorrow. Honoris’ significant efforts and investments in building capacity in STEM, Health and Education verticals have yielded favorable results. Now recognized as a leader in STEM education, Honoris’ leading engineering schools (such as EMSI in Morocco and ESPRIT in Tunisia) grew from 5,200 total enrollments in 2018 to 20,400 in 2021. Similarly, in the Health vertical, Honoris supplied a capacity of 700 additional seats over the last four years in Tunisia (UNIVERSITÉ CENTRALE and UPSAT) and an additional 50 for medical students in Nigeria, now reaching 100 per year. At MANCOSA in South Africa, a focus on the Education vertical saw nearly 500 educational professionals undergo training to narrow the gap of skilled teachers required to meet growing demand across the continent. In 2021, Honoris awarded 1,000+ scholarships and bursaries to students across Africa.  >>read more


Honoris has responded with agility to the requirements for skillsets driven by the 4IR by adding new programs such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Fintech, and Cyber Security. To further integrate coding as the new second language throughout the network, Honoris launched the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate, the network’s first transversal program embedding the key digital and soft skills required for the new world of work. In 2021, 10,000 students enrolled onto the certificate with an additional 100,000 students projected in the next 5 years.  >>read more


Given the unique nature of Africa’s biodiversity and urgency in dealing with climate change, environmental factors are of critical importance to Honoris institutions. A first important step towards sustainability is examining the institutions’ carbon footprint and its role in the move towards clean, renewable energy. Nile University of Nigeria recently completed the installation of an 876-kWp solar power system to facilitate uninterrupted power supply to the entire campus and prevent 14,888 tons of CO2.  >>read more


With the footprint growing from 27,000 in 2017 to 61,000+ students today, Honoris is the first pan-African education focused platform to truly connect minds and increase opportunities to uplift communities and foster mobility across the continent. >>read more


Honoris aims to transform 1.5 million lives by 2027 by reshaping the education landscape in Africa. We will continue to use this annual impact report as a benchmark to provide other education stakeholders with practical examples and promising practices of disruptive, future-proof education delivery.

Through a targeted and systematic approach to both expansion in existing markets and entry into new markets (such as Egypt, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Kenya in the short term), Honoris will enhance its commitment to transforming the economic prosperity of Africa through its Education for Impact mission.

Signed on behalf of Honoris United Universities

Shami Nissan
Partner, Sustainability for Actis

Shami Nissan shares her thoughts on what Education for Impact means to her:

"Education for Impact means being intentional about the way we educate the next generation of leaders. It is important for an organization to know what their goals are and to set out a plan to achieve them. Success should be intentional. For this to happen, an organization would need to have an awareness that matches their intentionality; the foresight to make provisions for the possible outcomes of the steps they will take in their endeavours.

Honoris has set its vision and has proceeded with intention in providing students across Africa with high quality education that is accessible and affordable. Furthermore, in sewing an internal spirit of fairness and responsibility, and striving to provide services that are sustainable and purpose-driven, Honoris will reap the kind of students that will emulate these core values in the way they go on to make their impact in the world."