South Africa

REGENT Business School (RBS)

RBS is a Private Higher Education Institution with their head office located in the industrial hub of Durban. The institution was established in 1998 with a mission to provide affordable and accessible education, resulting in a number of fully accredited world class programs. RBS programs cover the areas of Business Administration, Commerce, Management and Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Local Government, and Educational Management with a range from higher certificates to postgraduate programs, including the recently launched Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

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What does education for impact mean to REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL?

Dr Ahmed Shaikh, Managing Director of REGENT Business School, has a clear answer:

“RBS sees education as the avenue which will lead society to overcome the gaps and barriers between our current challenges and our ideal circumstances. Education for impact is about incorporating a practical, humanistic approach to the theoretical knowledge that is imparted to our students. This means RBS focuses on presenting courses in a holistic manner, ensuring that our students develop problem-solving skills which integrate economic, social, and ecological factors. RBS prioritizes quality education, incorporating 21st century learning in the teaching methodologies focused on producing holistic graduates.”

Student Lifecycle

The student lifecycle at RBS is original and innovative. From student enrollment to graduation and beyond, students enjoy accelerated digitization within their courses, agile responses to their needs, and exemplary innovation along their journey. The approach RBS takes towards the student lifecycle can be divided into four major components and described as follows:


  • The enrollment process is guided by specialist student advisors who are readily available through various channels to address specific questions from prospective students. In this regard, one of the latest innovations that have been implemented is the Live Chat function which enables real time responses to queries
  • Furthermore, a strategy known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is utilized in order to streamline the enrollment process, to develop a good rapport with students, and to improve customer service and enrollment rates


  • RBS has the capacity, systems and resources to deliver courses with the flexibility of onsite, off-site as well as online teaching and learning. RBS delivers courses that are flexible and supported by a range of support facilities i.e. telephonic support, face to face lectures, online and web support and virtual classrooms
  • Learning environments at RBS are well-equipped with computer hardware, software, electronic whiteboards, video conferencing facilities, curricular resources (digital), and exponential technology (i.e. laboratories with 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics, to mention a few)


  • The formal curriculum has been integrated with 21st century skills to ensure that students will successfully navigate the challenges of the 4IR
  • The approach to guiding students to develop the relevant skillset for the technological, economical, and social climate of today is by the introduction of exciting learning centers such as iLeadLab and redHUB


  • Alumni of RBS belong to an online platform that keeps them engaged with the institution in various activities such as webinar series on employability, job offers, mentorship opportunities, etc
  • The Alumni Association of RBS exists to promote and facilitate links between RBS and its Alumni community and to foster a life-long commitment


Pillars of Honoris Impact Framework

Network: the power of regional and global collaboration through institutions and partnerships and the positive impact.

  • At RBS, students find friendship, build their social and resource networks, and develop into world-class leaders who are comfortable in national and international business environments
  • RBS has a network in excess of 8000 students and 6000+ alumni which forms a network of like-minded students and graduates spanning the world
  • Programs are delivered in various locations by 100+ experienced faculty members. This offers opportunities for rich academic and cultural exchange, enabling a better understanding of international practice and ways of conducting business

Learning: quality education and developing world-class African human talent with an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills to thrive in the globally disrupted world of work.

  • RBS is guided by the learning theories of ‘cognitivism’, first mooted by Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget (1896 – 1980). Cognitivism supports the principle of teaching students how to learn which, in turn, supports future learning (Bates, 2015). This ability is closely associated to those 21st century skills and abilities that enable people to keep on learning (and relearn, as needed)
  • RBS’s leading centers for excellence: The Institute of Entrepreneurship (redHUB), The School of Commerce and Management, School of Accounting and School of Healthcare Management – are popular with high performers who are serious about making positive, impactful change within the global finance and management sectors. RBS’ latest 4IR innovation hub and academic makerspace, the iLeadLAB, is at the forefront of the institution’s strategy to empower students and stakeholders with in-demand skills as well as the hard and soft digital skills suited to the modern work environment and the 4IR

Innovation: education must continuously evolve to meet the challenges of the fast-changing and unpredictable globalized world.

  • RBS has adopted a tech-rich, future-focused approach to higher education to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the contemporary work environment. RBS philosophy is: Disrupt. Rethink. Innovate
  • Graduates must be prepared to excel at jobs that do not yet exist. RBS meets this need by combining formal discipline-centric education with experiential learning of flexible in-demand skills:
    • The Innovation and Employability unit of the institution, the iLeadLAB ,is a direct response to the accelerated pace of global technological transformation and aims to bridge the gap between education and the demands of the 21st century workplace
    • The REGENT Enterprise Development Hub (redHUB) is anchored in entrepreneurship and enterprise development and is a niche business support and development facility that promotes technology-focused entrepreneurship
  • RBS focuses on adaptive learning, using technology not only to communicate information, but to improve curricula and adapt to different learning styles

Employability: commitment to enhancing employability of graduates.

  • The iLeadLAB has a range of programs that offer hands-on development in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Digital Literacy, and Creativity and Imagination. Students are taught effective communication, information literacy, civic responsibility, job search skills, time and conflict management, exposure to a range of technologies relevant to 4IR. This is revolutionary support for all career-minded individuals
  • RBS aspires to help its graduates acquire deep knowledge to participate in their chosen fields, the skills to "plug in and play" in the diverse opportunities that await them, and the entrepreneurial spirit to create new opportunities for themselves and, ultimately, the world

Communities: delivering a positive social impact in local communities.

  • RBS’ community begins with their staff and students. To support them, RBS sees to it that free counselling services are provided, especially considering the adjustment required to the new normal in the world of work
  • RBS emphasizes the relationship between the institution itself, its students, and their Alumni in order to encourage lifetime learning, ambassadorship and mentorship opportunities for the students and external stakeholders
  • The introduction of REGENT Connect, the RBS digital platform and Career Center, eased the facilitation of communication with its Community and vice versa
  • Regular communications with RBS’ Alumni are executed throughout the year which encourages their participation as guest lecturers; their input in webinars as subject matter experts; and in providing internship or mentorship for students
  • One of the key annual social responsibility programs that RBS undertakes is the Accounting Tuition for matriculants in disadvantaged communities. Through such initiatives, RBS seeks to produce graduates that will contribute significantly to the betterment of society and the economy
  • With record-high unemployment levels and expensive data costs creating a barrier to entry for many job seekers, South Africans need new ways to bring opportunities to people and to connect them with potential employers. A group of public-spirited researchers at REGENT Business School’s iLeadLab facility has developed a practical and innovative solution: the MAHALABox
  • “Mahala” means “free” in isiZulu, and the MAHALABox lives up to its name. It provides free access to online resources such as recruitment agencies, job placements, and skills development tools like aptitude tests, CV templates, and downloadable books and videos. All that is needed is a smartphone – no data or internet access is required

Continuous learning and professional development is an important matter for RBS. As such, RBS is proud to present MBA students with the opportunity to articulate into a Doctoral Program, as RBS is Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) accredited.

In addition, RBS would like to acknowledge the following professional bodies that have endorsed their programs:


Kalaluka Kangulu, Bachelor of Commerce, REGENT Business School

“I found REGENT Business School to be leading in modern teaching techniques and very supportive to ensure that the student succeeds in their studies. RBS also offers a wealth of knowledge and exposure to the extent of making the learner want to learn more and more. RBS also prepares you for success in your Masters programs easily. I am now working for an international conglomerate called Bayer, under the Crip Science division. I am responsible for International Trade and Compliance for the Zambia business. RBS studies have helped me to use and share knowledge with my team. I therefore would encourage younger professionals to consider RBS for career progression.”
Kalaluka Kangulu

Noble Eiaseb, Master of Business Administration, REGENT Business School

“The journey of completing an MBA with RBS was no easy feat... but worth its weight! If ever a qualification has shattered unemployability, this degree is just that. I secured a great job, moved from temporary contracts that finished abruptly to having security and ease of mind. Thank you RBS, the great research department and Prof. Seedat for being able to make you laugh during webinars when all you thought about was stressing to pass a module or understanding the real requirements of an assignment. The Calm Any MBA student needs! To those that are doubting the legitimacy, accreditation and good standing of RBS, you are missing out! Try RBS, you won’t regret it!”
Noble Eiaseb