What is Honoris?

First and largest pan-African private higher education network

Honoris United Universities is the first and largest pan-African private higher education network committed to transforming lives through relevant education for lifetime success. Collaborative intelligence, cultural agility and mobile mind-sets are at the heart of the Honoris approach to educate the next generation of leaders and professionals able to impact regionally in a globalized world. Honoris combines the expertise of its member institutions to develop world-class African human talent that is competitive in today’s fast-paced, demanding and increasingly digitized labor and start-up markets.

From Casablanca to Cape Town and from Tunis to Abuja, to Mauritius, Honoris gathers a community of 61,000 students across 70 campuses – learning centers and distance learning included – in 10 countries and 32 cities in Africa. Honoris comprises 14 institutions, collectively offering 420 degrees in Medicine, Health Sciences, Engineering, IT, Business, Law, Architecture, Creative Arts and Design, Media, Political Science and Education.

Furthermore, students have an opportunity to experience exclusive partnerships and exchange programs in more than 190 universities across Europe, the United States and Asia.

Actis: An impact-driven shareholder

Actis is a leading global investor in sustainable energy and infrastructure; real estate; and general sectors including consumer, education financial services, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and retail. It is ranked top of New Private Markets inaugural list of the world’s largest impact managers in private markets. Actis understands that there is a momentum in Africa to provide local high quality human resources able to serve African societies and economies. As such, Actis invested in Honoris United Universities in 2017.

– Rick Phillips, Partner: Head Private Equity, Actis

“Our vision is to create a differentiated and innovative education system for students so they can genuinely learn from other African countries and be able to present themselves to a future employer as someone who is educated to the best international standards but also understands the true diversity of Africa. Actis and the founders realized it was incumbent on us to be the catalyst to bring universities across the African continent together and so the vision of Honoris United Universities was born."
Rick Phillips

A better educated workforce will boost the competitiveness of African countries and attract investments and macroeconomic growth. Higher educational standards are also vital to emerging countries as the economies are increasingly shifting towards value-added sectors. With ambitious plans and determination and a track record that is demonstrating that we are making an impact, at Honoris, we believe in:

Supporting aspirations

Supporting the aspirations of the new generation of leaders and professionals

Our communities

Our communities of students and graduates, who will help develop Africa for the regional and global challenges of our planet

Fostering learning

Fostering learning to contribute to building winning economies and societies

Supporting and enabling

Supporting and enabling creative and responsible citizens capable of “leapfrogging” towards economic growth and stability for their communities

Enabling a mobile mindset

Enabling a mobile mindset, ready for regional and international employability and participation

Collaborative intelligence

Collaborative intelligence that brings together the knowledge and practices of our diversity to foster relevant education