EMSI is a multidisciplinary engineering school, founded in 1986. It offers five pillars of training: IT and Network Engineering, the Engineering of Automation and Industrial Computing, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Buildings and Public Tasks.

In 2016, the school expanded its offering to include study programs in Financial Engineering, Accounting, Control and Auditing. EMSI is the largest engineering school in Morocco, with over 9000 students.

What does education for impact mean to THE HONORIS MOROCCO NETWORK?

Hassan Filali, CEO of Honoris United Universities in Morocco, speaks for the Moroccan network of Honoris-affiliated institutions:

“Education for impact means having an impact on the lives of our students through an educational model which does not only provide them with a recognized degree but gives them the skills that employers require. We put ourselves in the shoes of parents investing in their children’s futures and ask ourselves what their return on investment is, by closely observing the job market to monitor salaries after graduation. Our commitment is to add value to our students by equipping them with the resources and skills to be successful in their careers or entrepreneurial endeavors.”

Student Lifecycle


  • Admission to the first year of the two preparatory years for the engineering cycle is open to holders of the scientific or technical baccalaureate, after examination of their academic record
  • Students can also join EMSI through parallel admission in the third year of engineering study. These students would have successfully completed two years of study in public universities or vocational schools


  • EMSI focuses on academic excellence by offering students diversified and specialized training courses according to international standards. In addition, students are provided with the relevant support from start to finish on their academic journey, aimed at their leading fulfilling professional lives
  • As practical experience in the Engineering field is essential, EMSI provides its students with ample opportunity for practical work during their courses. The exposure to various, unique problems during such practical experiences, allow students to understand and assimilate the theoretical courses
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  • The EMSI Career Center supports students and graduates to develop the skills most in demand by the labor market, while helping them identify opportunities in sectors with the greatest growth potential
  • The employability rate of EMSI graduates is currently at 80% within the six months following graduation, and 25% of EMSI’s graduates are recruited during their final year projects


  • Alumni members are engaged through EMSI community, a digital communication platform of EMSI
  • Having one of the largest alumni networks in the country gives EMSI a competitive advantage to find internships for its students and employment for its graduates


Pillars of Honoris Impact Framework
EMSI Impact

Network: the power of regional and global collaboration through institutions and partnerships and the positive impact.

  • The mission of research at EMSI is to meet the needs of Moroccans by Moroccans. As such, EMSI collaborates with their local and international partners to meet this need including Nextronic, CDMA, Sopra Banking and DiiDASKO Technologies
  • EMSI Engineering Student Clubs provide a distinct learning experience outside of the classroom in relation to communication, leadership, networking, and teamwork. They promote the exchange of knowledge across fields, participation in national and international innovation competitions, the development of behavioral and interpersonal skills, and they allow students to forge tangible links within society

Learning: quality education and developing world-class African human talent with an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st century skills to thrive in the globally disrupted world of work.

  • EMSI offers its students the opportunity to achieve the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate - a training program that combines essential skills for the new world of work which empowers graduates to keep up with the times
  • Permanent staff of EMSI benefit from continuous training, allowing them to update their knowledge through their intervention in applied research, both academic and industrial
  • In 4IR, there is a need to merge ICT techniques with industrial technologies. That is, embedded systems, IoT and CPS technologies link virtual space to the physical world to give birth to a new connected generation of so-called “intelligent” factories. It is within this framework that EMSI adopts an annual certification plan to explore the emerging technologies of tomorrow such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Big Data, for the benefit of students in the automation and industrial IT and industrial engineering sectors. This will help students build their innovative projects as well as learn and improve skills in technology

Innovation: education must continuously evolve to meet the challenges of the fast-changing and unpredictable globalized world.

  • Within the framework of scientific research, EMSI has designed and developed 3 research laboratories in the fields of academic scientific research, innovation and invention:
    • (1) The Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation Laboratory at EMSI Casablanca (SMARTiLab), which is a new drive to innovation and a link between higher education and scientific research, so that an appropriate ecosystem can be established including innovative projects’ holders and technology development centers;
    • (2) The Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation Laboratory (LPRI) attached to the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI), which is a non-profit organization responsible for the promotion of engineering science and innovation
    • (3) EMSI Marrakech School also has a multidisciplinary research laboratory - LAMIGEP. EMSI have won almost 80 international awards over the last 10 years. In 2019 EMSI received two silver medals at the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival, two gold medals at the International Invention and Trade Expo – London, two gold medals at the International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, and two gold medals at the Salon International des Inventions de Genève

Employability: commitment to enhancing employability of graduates.

  • The Career Center offers services and advice to properly prepare students and alumni for successful careers. The resources offered guide students through self-exploration, career exploration, and mentoring. Also offered are workshops and coaching on setting up a good CV, and connections with the job market
  • Apart from the official academic program, EMSI offers its students a variety of training and certification tests, at appropriate levels, on various technologies through partnerships with international platforms, with the aim of promoting its laureates to recruiters

Communities: delivering a positive social impact in local communities.

  • WiES (Women in Engineering Science): Founded by Dr Khadija Bousmar, a lecturer and researcher at EMSI, it aims to promote the role of women engineers/researchers/entrepreneurs at the heart of the development of engineering sciences in innovation, research, social life, and entrepreneurship. The mission of WiES is to provide the necessary and relevant support to women and girls in their endeavors in the engineering field
EMSI proudly presents their affiliations and partnerships:


Hamza FAHMANI - Computer Engineering Alumni and Co-founder of Diidasko Technology

“My entrepreneurial journey began in the multidisciplinary laboratory of research and innovation (LPRI) of EMSI Casablanca in 2018. Today DiiDASKO TECHNOLOGY will soon be among the leading companies in its field of service. I chose to study entrepreneurship, although this was not easy. I learned a lot about managerial qualities, reputation management, task planning and risk assessment. It was the facility, technology and lecturers who helped me to successfully take the theory into practice.”