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In addition to the noteworthy journey, Honoris is on a trajectory of accelerated growth and there are successes in 2021 worth celebrating, further demonstrating the impact which Honoris is making across Africa:

Honoris 2021 Impact across Africa

3 awards won:

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30% increase in Online Learning Delivery

16% growth in returning students in comparison to 2020

Enhanced employability services with an additional 8 new Career Centers and 14,000 students on employability digital platform

+30,000 new students enrolled across the network

An additional 34,600 Blockchain Diplomas delivered

Deepened student centricity, with 20,000 students reached and 45 surveys managed at the center

9 new 21st Century Learning Environments: 2 in Morocco, 1 in Tunisia, 2 in Nigeria and 4 in South Africa

8 pilots of new academic models, exploring tech-rich academic models and learning systems