United with Resilience and Dedication

Education for impact ®

Honoris United Universities’ two primary mandates for the Covid-19 pandemic are to ensure that studies continue despite the upheaval, and to care for our students and staff and faculty through the crisis. Our CEO, Luis Lopez offers his thoughts on navigating the challenges, and offers thanks to students across the continent for their resilience and dedication.

The accelerating health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic has raised immense challenges for today’s students, leaving more than 1.5 billion around the world unable to go to school or university. Honoris United Universities students have responded to the difficulties of this uncertain time with resilience and dedication, adapting smoothly to the challenge of moving education online so that studies can continue despite our changed world.

Each of us, and our families, friends and peers, are under stress. Honoris students have continued to support one another and bolster their communities, through speaking, sharing and learning from each other. For this, we thank you.

The creativity and willingness to adapt shown by Honoris students and faculty is inspiring. At Université Mundiapolis in Morocco, learning has moved online through a platform that combines video conferencing and presentations with continuous feedback on projects provided by staff.

Students at Honoris institutions across Tunisia, which includes Université Centrale, The Académie d’Art de Carthage (AAC), and Institut Maghrebin des Sciences Economiques et de Technologie (IMSET), have moved to learning through the expanded student portal, MyU, which gives access to online course content, interactive virtual class sessions and forums as FAQs between students and teachers.

Other institutions have also smoothly embraced virtual learning, from Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur (EMSI) and Ecole Architecture Casablanca in Morocco (EAC), to UPSAT in Tunisia and YK Business School in Mauritius, as well as REGENT Business School and MANCOSA in South Africa.

Teams of researchers, scientists, engineers, doctors and students throughout our educational hubs have also contributed directly to the fight against Covid-19, creating solutions such as 3D-printed protective masks for frontline workers and innovative medical devices, such as a life-saving portable ventilation system for coronavirus patients.

In this time of crisis, Honoris is proud of the agility and spirit of collaboration that students have shown in finding innovative solutions to this unexpected challenge. Our middle name, “United”, has and will to continue to mean, joined in purpose. Our Education for Impact mission has been broadened by these times.

There may be further difficulties ahead, but together we will endure. Thank you for your motivation, engagement, and dedication to your studies.