The Impact Of Industry Partnerships

To build a stable and prosperous future for Africa, it is crucial that education focuses on employability for the lifetime success of the learners. By providing opportunities for graduates to take up work-integrated learning roles in top companies through our industry partnerships, we are working to increase employability and introduce them to the world of work.

Here, two industry partners share how they are working with Honoris institutions to improve student employability in Morocco and Tunisia.

Omar Benmoussa, Director of Operations at Maltem Africa, Morocco

Strongly convinced of the socio-economic inclusion created through the university-enterprise partnership, Maltem Africa is allying itself more with the university network and places its collaborations at the centre of its concerns. We have signed a partnership with Mundiapolis University to strengthen our ties. Several support, mentoring, and employability programs have been set up with Mundiapolis University to develop the potential of young people.

We have been able to collaborate with Mundiapolis on several niches, in particular with students and alumni of the University, and today these people constitute a success story and give a real example of a fruitful university-business partnership.

Boudour Ben Mekki, Cloud Solutions Expert at Insomea Computer Solutions, Tunisia

As a former teacher at Esprit Group, I had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the potential of academic learning in shaping the future professionals of our society. Now, as a cloud solution expert at Insomea Computer Solutions, we have established a partnership with Esprit Group to create a “win/win” situation that brings the academic skills and the professional sphere closer together. Through this collaboration we facilitated internships, industry projects, and other areas of cooperation such as dual education and the joint organisation of workshops and seminars, that enable students to gain practical insights and hands-on experience, aligning their educational pursuits with real-world requirements.