Honoris Career Centres

Graduates are more motivated about their future when they have a clear understanding of themselves and how they might work when they leave. A key function of Honoris institutions is to help prepare students to transition successfully into a future career and to support working adults developing their professional’s path.

Our Career Centres equip graduates with the best workplace-ready skills, through a range of tools and techniques – from personal career path assessments, individual coaching and CV generator services, to workshops, webinars and programmes. Read more about the Career Centres that recently launched in our network and how they boost student employability:

Asmae Mani

Institutions across the Honoris network have recently launched Career Centres to give students a smooth transition from academia into the workplace. We spoke to Asmae Mani, Head of Employability at Honoris, to get more insight into how this will benefit students:
“Career Centers assist graduates with employability. They do this in multiple ways – by providing personal assessments to help students determine their potential career paths and by offering multiple workshops to help develop their personal and employability skills.”
“The Career Center also helps them establish a link with the professional world through various professional events. Students, alumni, and professionals work together as a community to help the Career Centers to remain up to date with new market requirements. This ensures our approach is always being adapted to market needs so that we can effectively prepare students for the future of work.”

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Sonia Benelkahla

How does Honoris help graduates enter the job market? We spoke to Sonia Benelkahla, Chief Employability and Graduates Officer, Université Centrale, IMSET, Academie d’Art de Carthage and UPSAT, Tunisia: “We want our graduates to be top of mind for employers. In 2020 we signed more than 80 new partnerships and launched the Tunisian career centre platform.We offer a range of tools to support our graduates and alumni, including individual coaching, workshops and CV generator services. We’ve also launched surveys with employers to gain a better understanding of the sought-after skills”
We are proud of this dedication to equipping every graduate with the best workplace-ready skills.

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Lutfiya Adam

To support career advancement and assist students and alumni secure employment, the MANCOSA Employability Unit provides valuable resources, webinars and programmes.

Students and alumni can register on the online MANCOSA Career Centre to network and apply for jobs. In addition, they can attend soft skills sessions, start-up workshops and speaker series.

“At MANCOSA, we are committed to the personal growth of our students and aim to enhance their employability skills. Since January 2021, we have hosted 9 sessions focused on topics such as harnessing entrepreneurial creativity, the fundamentals of growing a business and interview tips.” – Lutfiya Adam, Associate Director of HR and Employability at MANCOSA.

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