Why being innovative with education across Africa requires a network approach

weforum.org – June, 13 2023
Innovation has long been recognized as the driving force behind societal progress and economic growth. In today’s disrupted and rapidly evolving world, the imperative for innovation has never been more pressing. As global dynamics continue to shift, Africa stands poised to harness its youth demographic and provide the next global workforce. But only with the collective action of the education ecosystem can this become a reality.

Since our inception, the approach to deploying innovation at scale has been diverse across the student journey, leveraging partnerships with local and global EdTechs to improve learning outcomes, future-proof our academic models and fast-track digital transformation, all geared to increasing access to quality education.

For innovation to have a practical effect, a deliberate and adaptive approach is required through testing, learning and scaling solutions, whilst building cross-functional and cross-border teams. Quality, relevant education must adapt to the pace of change in industry as new technologies disrupt a multitude of sectors, bringing with it greater requirements for 21st-century skills.