Vice-Chancellor of Nile University of Nigeria, Prof. Dilli Dogo, vows to curb excess migration through quality education

5 January 2024 – The university’s continued investment in academic research and innovation in healthcare education will enhance its medical offering to Nigeria’s future workforce. Prof. Dogo said in pursuit of ensuring quality education for its students, Nile University has invested heavily in infrastructure including the commencement of construction of a Medical Simulation Center to promote medical and clinical practices.

Excess migration remains one of the most pressing issues facing Nigeria at the moment, particularly to the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. According to a Social Cohesion Survey, 7 out 10 Nigerians would leave the country at the slightest opportunity, including migration for education and medical tourism.
To address these challenges, Prof. Dogo said the university is providing students with opportunities to engage in groundbreaking research projects that address societal challenges including technology and healthcare. “To that effect, we are continually investing in and improving our medical offerings to ensure that they remain on par with international standards and consistently attract students who would otherwise have travelled abroad for their medical education.”

A first of its kind for Nigeria, the initiative comes as part of its continuous sharing of best practices within the Honoris United Universities network, following the success of the first Honoris Medical Simulation Center in Tunisia.
“The Medical Simulation Center, which enables students to carry out multiple lifelike simulations in a safe and controlled environment, promises to further enhance our ability to produce top quality doctors who are ready to make an impact Nigeria’s healthcare sector.”

“Nile University’s unwavering commitment to excellence, multidisciplinary approach, focus on research and innovation, and dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and leadership have firmly positioned it as a leader in building the future of education in Nigeria.”