Verusha Maharaj, Red & Yellow Business School – May 10, 2023
Verusha Maharaj heads up Red & Yellow, a creative business school based in Cape Town. She discusses how the institution is preparing young Africans to enter a world of work dominated by new technology.

“We’re all shaking because the robots are coming to take our jobs,” says Verusha Maharaj, managing director of Red & Yellow Creative School of Business. But, unlike some, Maharaj isn’t fazed by this.

“As the line between the physical and the digital world disappears, it’s clear to me that the one thing that cannot be replaced is creative thinking.”

Thus, Red & Yellow, which describes itself as Africa’s leading creative business school, focuses on developing exactly that in its students.

“Even as many of the hard skills become automated, things like being able to create or to innovate will always be inherently human,” Maharaj adds.

Based in Cape Town, Red & Yellow remains relevant by staying ahead of the curve and planning for future trends, Maharaj explains, as well as entrenching the development of the skills that ChatGPT has yet to master into its curriculum – like problem solving and critical thinking.

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