Tunisia’s ESPRIT hosts Africa’s first CDIO Annual Conference

13 june 2024 – The ESPRIT Group in Tunisia is an example of world best practice in project-based learning and recognized by the UN as a center for excellence, as well as an active member of the CDIO initiative (Conceive Design Implement Operate).

This year, ESPRIT is proud to announce the 20th CDIO Annual International Conference was held on campus at ESPRIT, Tunis, under the theme: ‘Engineering Education in the Era Of AI’ from 10-13 June 2024.

The CDIO Conference is the largest meeting of its kind offering an opportunity for members to exchange ideas and experiences, review developments in global institutions, and present research papers, workshops, and special seminars towards greater collaboration and collective intelligence for engineering educators from across the globe.

Building on the core AI theme, the CDIO, its members, and wider delegates will be exploring the following focus areas:

  • AI Ethics in Engineering Curriculum
  • AI-Driven Pedagogical Approaches
  • Incorporating AI Tools in Engineering Labs

An Honoris research paper was accepted by the Scientific Committee of the CDIO to understand the effectiveness of AI-generated learning materials in constructing relevant teaching course content in a faster and cost-efficient manner. The presentation and discussion of the paper, led by Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Innovation, Asmaa Fenniri, was well received: ‘Enhancing Quality Education at Scale through Generative AI and Personalized Learning through Adaptive Systems: A Case Study on UN SDGs, DE&I, and Work Ethics in an African Context.’