Shaping the future of SA education – 17 January 2024
The future is becoming increasingly difficult to think about, let alone plan for. The vital need for education systems in South Africa to improve and meet the pressing needs of society and our economy only compound this difficulty.

The rate at which technology is developing is approaching warp-like speed and yet somehow, we have yet to find a point of confluence between the future, our socio-economic needs and technology.

Dr Shahiem Patel, the Dean of Regent Business School, explores the transformative role of emerging technologies which are shaping the future of education in our country.

2023 was a year that seemingly changed the way we live our lives, in that artificial intelligence (AI) became accessible to the general public (noting that the vast majority of South Africans cannot access AI solutions), in ways that were unimaginable in just 12 months earlier.

However, it is still doubtful that 2024 would be substantially different to 2023 insofar as South African education is concerned. Despite ChatGPT (the free and the premium options), Midjourney, Dall-E and countless other AI applications, it would appear that students at all levels of education in South Africa will still experience teaching, learning and assessments in a very ‘traditional’ way.