Reinventing education at this year’s ASU-GSV in San Diego

19 April 2024 – At this year’s ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego, USA, Honoris Group CEO, Dr. Jonathan Louw, was invited to join a panel discussion on the theme ‘New Universities Reinventing Education in the 21st Century’. Dr. Louw had the opportunity to share how Honoris has developed a transformative, socially embedded education model that harnesses open innovation to increase student success, alongside fellow speakers from Duke University, Minerva, Reach University, and the University of the People.

While regions across the globe continue to tackle the skills mismatch reported by employers throughout multiple industries, events like ASU-GSV give the ecosystem an opportunity to share ways to embrace innovation and disrupt traditional pedagogies with relevant academic models. For Honoris, that means preparing Africa’s world-class human talent with the skills, experience, and mindset, for a rapidly evolving world of work. Team members from across the Honoris network had the chance to network with some of the most innovative institutions and edtechs across the globe, throughout the 4-day conference.