— UPSAT – Tunisia

The UPSAT Group is a set of three private higher education institutions specialized in paramedic training in Tunisia. This includes The Private School Sup Santé of Tunis (SUPSAT Tunis), The Private Higher Institute of Health Sciences of Sousse (UPSAT Sousse) and the Private School of Paramedical Sciences of Sfax (UPSAT Sfax).

The UPSAT Group was founded in 2001 with the establishment of its first institution in Sousse, the first of its kind to be recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health of Tunisia.

The founders of the group are the Mekacher brothers, both university professors and graduates of Tunisia’s system of higher education. As visionaries, they have realized the need to create as well as develop health professionals that meet the human resource needs and advance the health system in Tunisia.

Today, the UPSAT Group gathers thousands of graduates, excelling in six different fields: anesthesiology, nursing, optical science, optometry, physiotherapy, orthoptics and radiology-radiotherapy.

For nearly two decades, the UPSAT Group has been recognized for the quality of education provided to students and for the competence of their graduates. A highly qualified faculty collaborates continuously within the educational environment of university hospitals system to ensure the efficiency and employability of its graduates.