Morocco’s leading school of architecture, EAC, celebrates 147 graduates in 2023

5 December 2023 – The first private school of architecture and landscape in Casablanca and Honoris member institution, EAC, celebrated the success of 147 graduates in Architecture and Landscape.

The event brought together eminent personalities from the public and private sectors, including Mr. Chakib Benabdellah, President of the National Council of the Order of Architects of Morocco, and Mr. Mohamed Ameziane, President of the Moroccan Association of Landscape Architects, testifying to the influence of the institution in the landscape of vocational training.

Ms. Maria El Glaoui, Director at EAC, stressed the importance of forming minds that contribute to the well-being of society, “We train not only competent professionals but above all committed citizens who are aware of the issues that surround them.” She also highlighted the crucial importance of landscapers, a profession highlighted at EAC. “Landscape architecture, although little known in Morocco, is of paramount importance for the preservation of large landscapes, nature in urban environments, and biodiversity. Thus, our commitment to holistic education also incorporates this essential dimension to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and respond to contemporary ecological challenges.”

Mr. Mohamed El Boujjoufi, Deputy Pedagogical Director in charge of Research and Partnerships, added “We are convinced that training in diversified practices and cross-referencing knowledge is essential in today’s world, where architectural professions continue to diverse, becoming key elements in fields such as scenography, cinema, scientific research, education, video games and artificial intelligence.”