Moroccan Institution EMSI stands out at the International Invention Competition in London

October 4th, 2022 – Morocco, represented by engineers from the “SMARTiLab” research, development and innovation laboratory of the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences, EMSI, won 3 gold medals and a platinum at the International Invention Competition ITE EXPO 22 in London in September.

The innovation SIProM Intelligent Marine Prospecting System was crowned with the gold medal, is a network composed of intelligent robots each having one or more sensors to collect ecological, meteorological, military, and maritime information. One application of this solution is to scan large maritime areas with a view to detect the density and movement of fish in the desired area.

For its part, the DONATE innovation earned the second gold medal in contributing to the field of fundraising through the development of a smart and innovative solution allowing a better technique for the collection of money. The system is installed in public or non-public places such as: hospitals, offices, shops, schools, museums and public transport consisting of innovative artistic models integrating technology for successful collection of donations.

The UV-C intelligence system was crowned with the third medal and the special grand prize of the show. This system consists contributes to the field of health through the development of a solution allowing regular prevention against viruses, bacteria or others, whatever their areas of existence, whether in water, air, on surfaces, or others based on UV-C technology.

The International Invention & Trade Expo 2022 ITE competition offers a commercial platform for inventors, manufacturers and resellers to present their latest products and innovations and exchange information, for this occasion delegations from more than 32 countries come to London to present their patented inventions and new ideas, the competition brings together participants and inventions in diverse fields.

Founded 34 years ago, EMSI – Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur was the first private engineering school in Morocco and the largest in the country today. A pioneer since then, EMSI is a center of innovation that has received several international awards recognizing its contribution to the field of engineering.