Mancosa Offers Forgery-Proof Blockchain Certificates

Top-level security for MANCOSA Certificates

South Africa, March 10th, 2021 – In an effort to tackle the fake qualifications threat and to protect its brand reputation, higher education institution MANCOSA is introducing a blockchain-based diploma certification service.

The BCdiploma dematerialises and automates the issuing of certified diplomas and certificates, and is designed to guarantee the highest level of reliability on the market.

The introduction of blockchain certificates by MANCOSA is in keeping with Honoris United Universities’ commitment to embrace digital transformation across the student’s journey.

“Universities and employers run the risk of costly legal action and reputational damage when they hire people who have falsified their qualifications or lied on their CVs. The encryption algorithm of BCdiploma, coupled with data storage on the Ethereum blockchain, ensures top-level security. Encrypted, its data remains indecipherable without the access URL provided to the holder”, says Professor Saritha Beni, Associate Director at MANCOSA.

With higher education being much sought-after and providing a measure of status and improved job prospects, fake credentials have become a global problem with thousands of “diploma mills” or fake universities selling certificates for all levels of degrees.

Fake credentials are becoming more common in South Africa with a sharp increase in the number of fraudulent qualifications reported to regulatory bodies such as the South African Qualifications Authority.

Throughout their life, graduates will easily be able to prove the authenticity of their credentials and seamlessly share their verifiable certificates on their CV, LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms.