MANCOSA launches Honoris Career Centre in Durban to increase student success

28 June 2023 – As part of its strong employability function, South Africa’s MANCOSA launched The Honoris Career Centre at its Durban Learning Centre to address the increased need for in-person mentoring and guidance toward employability outcomes for its graduates. Attended by Honoris Senior Director of Employability and Partnerships, Dr. Grace Nkansa, and MANCOSA Director of HR and Employability, Lutfiya Adam, MANCOSA staff celebrated the momentous occasion in an opening ceremony.

Enhancing the preparation of its graduates, the Honoris Career Centre provides a range of initiatives and services, including mentorship, incubator programs, access to job boards, soft skills development, networking opportunities, and virtual career resources.

The Career Centre focuses on upskilling, reskilling, and teaching new skills to students and graduates, with an emphasis on transferable skills and change management in the future world of work.

The latest development forms part of increased investment into the MANCOSA Employability Department, preparing graduates from across Southern Africa for the changing world of work. In its recent Employability Report, MANCOSA celebrated an 88% average employability rate with an impressive 4-month payback period for its students. The institution continues its development of program offerings and skills acquisition focusing on entrepreneurship, agility, innovation, and problem-solving.