Mancosa believes that a skills-first approach can significantly increase relevance and profitability – June, 8 2023
Many companies around the world are facing an operating environment where profits are under pressure, and the need to focus on an increased return on investment become vital to the company’s future survival. To address this effectively, many companies are looking to improve their focus on skills development which will address these challenges rapidly and appropriately.

This has become particularly important in a post-Covid business environment where captains of industry have been hard at work to establish a business ecosystem where productivity and output are driven through collaboration, innovation and some risk management.

“Added to the challenges we have already drawn attention to, businesses face increased pressure to manage their cashflow effectively and increase profits. Therefore, there needs to be an increased focus on skills development,” says Nuhraan Sambo, director: Cape Region and Mancosa Business-to-Business Training Solutions.