African Medical Simulation Center joins ranks with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH), the world’s largest healthcare simulation accreditation body

The prestigious international recognition demonstrates Honoris United Universities’ commitment to the development of cutting-edge health training in Africa
Tunis, 20th October 2020

Opened in 2018 in Tunis, the Honoris Medical Simulation Center (MSC) offers excellence in multidisciplinary clinical training and education through simulators for all levels of care. To date, more than 2,000 students, 200 paramedics and 24 obstetricians from across Africa have benefited from the services of the MSC.

As the first and largest network of pan-African private higher education institutions, Honoris United Universities’ mission to offer high quality training in the service of world-class African human talent is bolstered by this announcement. The MSC boasts equipment that meets the best international standards by offering four types of simulation, including the most advanced modelling technologies in a ‘real hospital’ environment, scenario-based simulations, actor-based simulations and state-of-the-art virtual reality technologies, enabling complex scenarios and real-time emergency procedures and action training.

Upon the awarding of this provisional accreditation, the committee of the SSIH duly noted the commitment and excellence of the Tunisian academic and technical staff of the MSC, led by Dr. Chadli Dziri, Professor of Surgery, renowned medical researcher and former Head of Surgery at Charles Nicolle Hospital in Tunis. Dr. Dziri shared “This accreditation allows us to continue our approach of excellence in the quality of our training in the field of health for Tunisians and more generally for the continent. Through medical simulation, the center responds in particular to a major ethical challenge namely ‘never the first time on a patient’ and thus offers all healthcare staff the opportunity to acquire the technical gestures in an optimal way with confidence in real situations.”

Honoris CEO, Luis Lopez, reinforced Dr. Dziri’s message. “We are honoured to receive this accreditation as a recognition of the quality and rigour of the training provided by the MSC in its fully immersive 21st century tech-enabled environment. This places the center on par with leading global health institutions and broadens immediate opportunities for the next generation of African talent to contribute to the health and well-being of the continent.”

Honoris would be delighted to facilitate an introduction to Dr. Dziri to shed further light on how this latest achievement supports the growth of the Medical Simulation Center and Honoris’ goal of making a lasting impact on the quality of healthcare available to Africans.

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