Launch ceremony of women board ready program

Tunisia – January, 2020

As a result of a partnership between Université Centrale, a member of Honoris United Universities Network and Essec Business School Paris, the high-level program entitled, “ADVANCED CERTIFICATE WOMEN BOARD READY” was launched within the Stock Exchange of Tunisia.

This executive training is designed for women working in C-level positions within large groups, company heads and administrators on the job or in process to be hired, but also for any experienced woman, able to add value and take on management functions or administrator position in an organization.

Lot of key role models were present at the launch ceremony, which whom Mrs Houbeb AJMI, CEO of Honoris Tunisia and Mrs. Viviane DE BEAUFORT Program Head at Essec Paris, Mrs Marie-jo ZIMMERMANN, former French deputy, Mrs Wided BOUCHAMAOUI Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President of UTICA, Mrs Bochra BELHAJ HMIDA former Tunisian deputy, and also M. Bilel SAHNOUN CEO of BVMT, and Mr Tarek LASSAADI CEO of Traveltodo.
Mr Bilel SAHNOUN CEO of Tunis Stock Exchange and sponsor of this program has opened the debate, by addressing the lack of women’s presence “of the 81 listed in Tunisian stock Exchange, only 60 women are directors on the boards for a total of 698 seats, about 9%.”. An average figure compared to the region, but very far from the statistics of developed countries.

Sharing a unique approach, based on Women Empowerment research, and with the contribution of expert, this promotion will benefit from rich exchanges between participants.
Coaching is also on the program with dedicated sessions and reflections throughout the program, in particular to work on one’s relationship with ambition and power, work on one’s network and image on social networks – 1st exercises then deepening of a strategy to finish with testimonials from administrators and constructive collective discussions.

This executive training will be part time amongst 4 months: 8 full day, four times, once every 4 weeks. There will be a dynamic mode of exchange between speakers and participants and testimonials. The training will be in French. Candidates will have Open access to numerous documents and videos for an e-learning approach between sessions, follow-up through a blog and membership in the Administrators and Directors network, links with targeted networks including the Federation of Women Administrators.