Morocco awarded 12 international prizes with 4 gold medals at India International Innovation Fair.

Casablanca – September 14th, 2017

Morocco, represented by EMSI -Moroccan School of Science and Engineering- was awarded 12 international prizes with 4 gold medals at India International Innovation Fair, held from 9th to 13th September 2017 in Bangalore, India.
Via its Research, Development and Innovation Laboratory “SMARTilab”, EMSI was rewarded at India International Innovation Fair for the following 4 Inventions: Senstenna, EFMA, Multiview Screen and Protective System for photovoltaic plates.

Senstenna -a new technology deriving from 5th generation communications systems and specially designed for connected objects aka IoT (Internet Of Things). It is a SensorLess IoT which uses the RF waves of a given communication module to detect different kinds of magnitudes without using a dedicated sensor. EFMA -a new electromagnetic absorber based on a metamaterial which protects the layers of our skin against harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations such as ionization and particularly thermal effect. Multiview Screen –as implied it is designed to view simultaneously several videos with multiple viewing angles. Lastly a Protective System for photovoltaic plates -an innovative protective coating for photovoltaic plates against dust or sand, often responsible for efficiency losses.
India International Innovation Fair, considered as a milestone event for IIA -Indian Innovators Association- rewards the best international products and provides a platform for innovators, startups, incubators, large companies and investors at a worldwide scale to promote their mutual interaction, resulting in creation of innovative products. EMSI was awarded a gold medal from the hands of Hon’ble CM Sri Nara Chandrapabu Naidu, India’s Prime Minister, for its MultiView screen innovative product. It was also awarded 3 gold medals by China, Poland and Lebanon. A trophy and 3 silver medals from Hon’ble Nara Lokesh, Minister for Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, as an acknowledgement of Morocco’s contribution and active participation to the Fair, 2 Certificates of Appreciation from Indian Innovators Association (IIA) and 2 Special Prizes from Indonesia and Syria.
“EMSI and its Laboratory SMARTILAB are pleased to represent Morocco through prestigious international events. We hope to keep honoring Morocco and being proud of our prestigious country” said Dr Kamal DAISSAOUI, President of EMSI Group.
As a reminder, the SMARTilab has 12 national and international patents and 21 honors at national and international level -among which 2 prizes and medals awarded at this Fair, 2 gold medals and 2 trophies at Canada’s 2017 International Invention Innovation Competition (iCAN), the famous international award for technological innovation and a gold medal at Russia’s International Fair for Inventions and Technological Innovations (Archimedes), finalist at the World Cup of IOT Innovation, 2 gold medals at the International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation in Kuala Lumpur, 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Shanghai, 4 medals at the Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF’16), 2 Young Scientist Awards in Pekin, an Award at the French Value Prize of Brittany, 5 times the winner at Morocco’s Imagine Cup and finalist at international level, 2 R&D awards in Morocco, finalist in the Eco Shell Marathon and Challenger Award at 2M radio.