Innovation Needed to Resolve SA’s Health Challenges – July 18th, 2022
South Africa’s overburdened health system is in critical need of innovation which can be brought about through incorporating technology, increasing knowledge and improving processes to meet the increasing needs of the nation.

The health system is plagued by a quadruple burden of disease of escalating HIV and AIDS infections and deaths; maternal and child disease; non-communicable conditions and diseases such as cardio vascular disease, cancer and mental illness; and deaths from trauma. We are struggling with a crippled system despite good policy and relatively high spending on health (9.1% of GDP).

“Fragmented services between public and private sectors, shortage of health professionals, weak management, and lack of infrastructure and poor access to care have contributed to the crumbling system over decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven itself as a catalyst for a healthcare revolution, with transformation in how, where and why care is delivered,” said Dr Nivisha Parag, Head of School for Healthcare Management at Regent Business School.

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