How 6 mid-market companies are using AI to scale – 17 February 2024
In today’s evolving business world, using artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a trend. It’s a fundamental transformation shaping the future of industries everywhere. It is rapidly changing businesses of all sizes, but it can be especially beneficial for mid-market companies.

Mid-market companies typically have more resources than small and medium enterprises, but less to invest than their larger competitors. A relatively small, but well-thought-out, investment in AI can help them rapidly develop and scale. The Deloitte Mid-Market Technology Trends Report 2023 finds mid-market private companies are “prioritizing technology investments that reduce time to value, but they’re innovating at an incredible pace — something we haven’t seen in previous surveys.”

Here, we ask a diverse selection of mid-market purpose-driven company leaders what they see as the core principles that should shape an organization’s AI journey and what is AI’s most influential use case for them. They belong to something called the New Champions Community, which is roughly a 100+ member group where mission-driven leaders strive to make a difference in the world and play a crucial role in promoting the welfare of both society and the environment.